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Military medics and mechanics may soon have access to a virtual help desk through AMIGOS

“Augmented reality, computer vision, language processing, dialogue processing and reasoning are all AI technologies that have disrupted a variety of industries individually but never in such a coordinated and synergistic fashion,” Charles Ortiz, the principal investigator for AMIGOS, said in a Xerox release, “By leveraging existing instructional materials to create new AR guidance, the AMIGOS project stands to accelerate this movement, making real-time task guidance and feedback available on-demand”

AMIGOS falls under the broader goals of DARPA’s Perceptually-enabled Task Guidance research, which operates with the understanding that humans, with finite capacity, cannot possibly learn everything about every physical task they’ll be asked to perform before they are sent into the field. And yet, those humans will have to treat novel injuries, or repair unfamiliar machines, almost by definition of military work.

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