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MicroGenDX First Independent Commercial Lab in US Offering NGS for Infections to Appeal Directly to Patients

Using national TV, radio, and web media campaigns, Microgen Diagnostics will be the first independent commercial lab in the U.S. to appeal directly to patients, raising awareness about much more effective DNA analysis alternatives to outdated medical diagnostic technologies like standard culture. In an age of COVID and more national awareness of lab services, MicroGenDX is appealing directly to patients who have experienced ongoing failure of standard culture to diagnose and resolve chronic infections. The media campaign encourages patients to discuss DNA diagnostics with their healthcare providers to help end the related suffering these patients have endured.

The campaign, scheduled for February of 2022, includes testimonials from patients about how MicroGenDX diagnostics helped them – and in some cases saved their lives – when standard cultures failed. “The regular lab came back negative like it always did,” says Jenny Stewart, “and the MicroGenDX came back with exactly the bacteria that was there, and what to treat it with.” Patient Zan Campbell says: “I was a week-and-a-half away from losing my leg, to being healed. Changed my life.”

The campaign also features advocacy from medical experts – practicing physicians and surgeons – who use MicroGenDX diagnostics instead of culture to improve patient outcomes. “Every day I would as I would see my patients I knew I wasn’t helping them, because we were limited by traditional cultures,” says Dr. Timothy Hlavinka, a urologist with more than 20 years of experience. “MicroGenDX is not my ‘gold standard,’ it’s my only standard,” says Hlavinka. Other featured medical experts who rely on MicroGenDX diagnostic testing include orthopaedic surgeon and Director of Clinical research at the Rothman Institute, Dr. Javad Parvizi, and infectious disease specialist and Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America, Dr. Jason Sniffen. About Dr. Timothy Hlavinka, MD

Timothy C. Hlavinka, MD, is a urologist at the Urology Place in San Antonio, Texas, and is Medical Director of Vidamor Health in Boerne, Texas. He has had an interest in infectious diseases since participating in a senior rotation in medical school. This engagement proved fortuitous, as a significant focus of his professional practice evolved to include patients with complicated urinary tract infections. A chance meeting with MicroGenDX personnel in June of 2017 then led to a unique symbiosis for Dr. Hlavinka’s clinical practice: the discovery of a new paradigm for identifying and treating complicated infections of the genitourinary tract.

About Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS

Dr. Parvizi, MD, holds the James Edwards chair of orthopedics at Sidney Kimmel Medical School in Philadelphia. He is an active orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in the management of orthopaedic infections. He has published over 800 peer-reviewed articles, numerous textbooks, and has been the recipient of grants from the NIH, DOD, OREF, and numerous other funding bodies for his work in orthopaedic infections. He serves as scientific advisor to MicroGenDX and holds equity in the company.

About Jason Sniffen, DO

Dr. Sniffen, DO is a physician who has practiced in the Orlando area since 2001. He is Board Certified in Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, and Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Sniffen has dozens of publications to his credit in medical journals, textbooks, and online, and he regularly teaches medical students, residents, and fellows in Advent Health System’s many training programs. Dr. Sniffen has also served as Chief of Staff, Chief Medical Advisor, Chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, and Chair of ID within the Advent Health system.

About MicroGenDX

Founded in 2008, MicroGenDX has become the industry leader in rapid turnaround and affordability for comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and qPCR testing for clinical diagnostics for infections. MicroGenDX is CLIA-licensed and CAP-accredited and has been the trusted research partner for the CDC, U.S. Army, NASA, FDA, and many others. MicroGenDX has processed over 1.5 million molecular samples and its testing has been used in over 80 clinical and scientific publications that are revolutionizing medicine.

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