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Medical Economics Article Highlights Key Benefits of Virtual Scribes Delivered by AQuity Solutions

AQuity Solutions’ Virtual Scribe program results have been recognized in the January 2022 edition of Medical Economics magazine in an article titled: “How Virtual Scribes Can Reduce EHR Headaches.” AQuity is a leading provider of Virtual Scribing, Medical Transcription, and Medical Coding clinical documentation services.

The article explores personal and organizational benefits achieved with virtual scribes, engaged to combat cumbersome workflow issues inherent to Electronic Health Records. All subjects interviewed in the article are AQuity clients.

“Particularly with the added stresses of care delivery during COVID, it’s fulfilling to see the positive impact of AQuity Virtual Scribes on provider well-being and patient care,” noted Kashyap Joshi, CEO of AQuity. “We’re pleased to deliver a solution that truly makes a difference in the lives of our providers and the patients they serve.

“AQuity prepares our scribes to be valued members of the clinical care team,” added Mark Gum, General Manager of AQuity’s Virtual Scribing Business Unit. “By dramatically reducing the administrative burden inherent to EHR documentation, our Virtual Scribes relieve the No. 1 cause of burnout, enabling providers to focus on patients instead of computer screens.”

About AQuity Solutions

AQuity Solutions delivers superior clinical and financial results to healthcare provider clients through outsourced services. Headquartered in Cary, NC, AQuity employs over 7,000 clinical documentation specialists throughout the U.S., India, Canada and Australia for medical transcription, medical coding, virtual scribing, interim management, and medico-legal document preparation services. With over 40 years of experience, the company is recognized as a leading vendor in multiple disciplines.

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