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Manga and Anime Comes To Life And Cultures Fuse In Chicago’s First Ever Manga Café Hub

The windy city Chicago will make history as the city slated to be the home of America’s first-ever manga café hub, Nito Cafe.

Formally known as a Manga Kissa, a manga cafe is an establishment where lovers of manga and Anime can converge to read the art form in an inviting environment and enjoy snacks and beverages.

Even though Anime has grown into a global frenzy, America has yet to experience the cultural milestone that is a manga café hub. Until now, that is. Pioneered by Tayler Tillman, Cafe Nito will be the first of its kind in the USA.

Currently, in the funding stage, Tillman is utilizing the power of the popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo to raise $295,000 that will shape history. Nito Cafe will have a surplus of 20 private multi-use rooms to be utilized for studying, sleeping, or working. There will be a grande café bar serving with delectable beverages and treats inspired by pop culture, a Manga collection and lounge, vibrant and unique Anime merchandise, drawing lessons, and Korean, Japanese, and Chinese language lessons. Cafe Nito will also host events, fan club meetings, competitions, and meet and greets.

When asked what inspired her to open Nito Cafe, The Saint Xavier University Chicago alum postulated, “I saw the need for this community in Chicago to have a space that they can utilize every day to meet others, be creative and more than anything be themselves.”

For those not already caught up in the frenzy surrounding the globally popular Japanese art form, manga are comic books and novels portraying Japanese themes and aesthetics. The animated version of manga is referred to as anime, and since the 1980s and 1990’s, its reach in global markets has catapulted.

With the first anime being developed in 1917 and manga dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, the industry has had a long time to creatively build and perfect its craft. No longer is manga and anime limited to Japan. This entertaining cultural phenomenon has spread to the four corners of the globe, taking up permanent residence in other cultures, just as Nito Cafe strives to do.

To say anime has skyrocketed in popularity would be a gross understatement. Its striking visuals coupled with relatable morals and themes make anime and manga a top entertainment choice for many. Moreover, the thrilling action sequences and the ability to immerse yourself in another culture as fascinating as Japan’s are other selling points. This distinctive visual art is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 48.03 billion by 2028.

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