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LowTides Ocean Products Unveils New Design for Their Beach Chairs Built With Ocean Plastics

LowTides Ocean Products has unveiled the anticipated Dune High Beach Chair, set to arrive for Summer 2022, with an upgraded design and new patterns. The family-owned New Jersey-based company offers sustainable alternatives for beachgoers. Their stylish beach chairs are built with upcycled ocean plastics, and their eco beach gear is made from fibers sourced from post-consumer recyclables.

Now in its third season, LowTides Ocean Products has prevented over 24,000 lbs. of plastic from entering our oceans. Building sustainable backpack chairs and eco-gear is half of the brand’s mission; creating a stylish and personable option for beach enthusiasts is the other. Their playful patterns are complemented by an exclusive LowTides Artist Series with award-winning artist Molly Hatch, whose pen and ink designs are featured on their top-selling items.

“LowTides’ vision isn’t just about reimagining a beach chair – it’s more than that. It’s vesting in a new lifestyle that is built on awareness of ocean pollution while creating stylish and fashionable features beach-goers want and need,” said Brenton Hutchinson, Founder & CEO of LowTides Ocean Products. “We actively engage with our customers, and you can see our products’ evolution reflects that. For example, this year we’ve incorporated stainless steel bottle openers fastened under the armrest and adjustable headrests with towel hooks.”

LowTides beach chairs are available in High, Low, and Child styles with features such as headrests, bottle openers, five recline positions, backpack straps, and dual cup holders with a standing phone slot. Their recycled beach chairs are built with upcycled ocean-bound plastic collected from key ‘at-risk zones’ on Java (Indonesia), the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), and Haiti. ⁠The company works directly with qualified partners at the source to ensure 100% traceability.

Inspired by the 2018 National Geographic article, Planet or Plastic, about the detrimental effects the vast amount of plastic waste has on our oceans, marine life, and our shorelines, Founder Brenton Hutchinson sought to be a part of the solution. Founded that same year, LowTides Ocean Products’ mission was simple – do good, look good. Their approach to help combat the over 8 million tons of plastic dumped into our oceans each year is by stopping the flow of waste through upcycling the plastic into sustainable and stylish products. A dedicated ecopreneur, Hutchinson is excited by the response to the company’s mission and hopes to capitalize on the growing interest in environmentally conscious products.

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