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Local Express Launches SNAP Payments Integration for Grocery Stores to Better Serve Customers in Need

Daily Table — a grocer already using the integration — demonstrates the importance of SNAP Payments to make digital food options and healthy eating accessible to everyone

 Local Express, an eCommerce platform designed for independent grocery stores, today announces the launch of its new SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) Payments Integration. By testing and refining the technology with its first client Daily Table, Local Express optimized the SNAP/EBT Payments Solution for online pickup and delivery — making it available to all grocers across the U.S.


Local Express has worked closely with Daily Table and agencies such as the FDA to develop a system that meets governmental and health guidelines while expanding food options for people in need. The product splits each order into multiple payments to seamlessly include eligible food in the SNAP benefits. While Daily Table is the first independent grocery store offering SNAP online, starting now, independent grocers across the U.S. can launch this online payment system to cater to the needs of people dependent on SNAP or EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer).


Many people have long used digital methods to get alimentation. But for those who rely on programs like SNAP or EBT as a payment method, accessing their benefits online has been challenging. Solutions like SNAP Payments by Local Express are indispensable for independent grocers across the U.S. who want to enable SNAP and EBT purchases online and support populations in need. 


“We’re excited and honored to help the customers of SNAP online,” says Bagrat Safaryan, co-founder of Local Express. “We love collaborating with independent stores to meet the needs of people in their area and look forward to seeing how we can deploy this solution all over America. Hopefully, in the years to come, everyone using SNAP and EBT benefits will be able to redeem them online at independent grocers and co-ops.”


Doug Rauch, founder and President of Daily Table, noted that the SNAP redemption at Daily Table stores had doubled since the onset of the pandemic. “This integration democratizes access to food and empowers customers to get the food they need at the prices they deserve.”


About Local Express:


Local Express is a SaaS vertical for the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry specializing in providing eCommerce solutions to independent retailers and enterprises seeking digital transformation. The branded service allows brick-and-mortar companies to own their entire eCommerce offering end to end, from purchase to delivery. This includes full POS integration, inventory category management, real-time data analytics reporting tools, and total customization of the look and feel of their own branded online storefront.


About Daily Table:


Daily Table is a nonprofit grocery chain on a mission to fight food insecurity in the greater Boston area. Daily Table offers a variety of produce, meat, dairy, and other important groceries at significantly lower prices than local supermarkets, with customers on a SNAP budget in mind.  

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