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Little Spoon Announces Clean Label Project Certification and Expansion of Babyblends Line

Little Spoon, the leading direct-to-consumer baby + kids nutrition brand and go-to solution for the modern parent,

Little Spoon, the leading direct-to-consumer baby + kids nutrition brand and go-to solution for the modern parent, announces that its line of baby purees, Babyblends, is now Clean Label Project certified. Little Spoon will also be expanding the Babyblends line to include a new unique offering for parents, Transition Meals. 


Little Spoon, which launched in 2017 and has since delivered more than 15 million meals, was founded to ease the lives of parents and make meal time the easiest part of their day. Now with its Clean Label Project verification stamp of approval, parents can be confident that the 100% organic, non-GMO and OU Kosher certified Little Spoon Babyblends are also free of heavy metals, pesticide residues, plasticizers, and other chemicals of concern. 


Products awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award and certification meet the below criteria: 


Products are tested for over 400 industrial environmental contaminants, including heavy metals, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, pesticides and BPS/BPA plastics

Products that are awarded the Clean Label Project certification represent the top 90% of best selling products across America

Along with the news of the Clean Label Project award comes the extension of Babyblends to include Transition Meals: chunky, textured meals with whole pieces of food for advanced eaters, baby-led weaning, and the transition to finger foods.


Little Spoon Babyblend Transition Meals include: 


Small chunks of soft foods to help develop oral motor skills and chewing ability

100% organic + non-GMO recipes

Unique crave-able recipes that kids and parents alike will love, like Barley Vegetable Minestrone and Ancient Grain Banana Cream Pie  

Nutritionally-balanced meals to support a child’s healthy development as they enter the next eating stage

With recent news of heavy metals found in grocery store baby food brands, Little Spoon continues to offer transparency, ensuring consumers have visibility into the ingredients and preparation used for their products. In the last 18 months, the company has maintained this promise while expanding its offerings to launch toddler + kid’s meals- Plates, 100% organic cold-pressed Smoothies in on-the-go pouches, and now its new Transition Meals. 


“Every parent has their own food philosophy,” says Angela Vranich, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Little Spoon is here to support families with a suite of solutions that meet your standards at every eating stage. Whether you’re taking the baby-led weaning route, aging out of purees and into whole foods, or simply looking to add variety into your little one’s mealtime, Little Spoon Transition Meals are the easy answer.” 


As the brand continues to expand its portfolio to offer solutions for parents of kids at every eating stage, Little Spoon also continues to support the parenting community through its platform, Is This Normal?


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