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Lincoln's first electric vehicle concept is the Star SUV

The Star is sleeker than Lincoln's existing lineup, and includes light-up exterior features and doors. The front trunk is covered with electrochromatic glass that turns transparent while in motion. The A-pillars (at the front) and D-pillars (the back) even use 3D-printed metal to allow more natural light. The interior includes lounge-like wraparound rear seating focused on relaxation. Accordingly, the brand is touting "rejuvenation moods" that sync displays, sounds and even scents to calm or reinvigorate you, such as Coastal Morning (complete with sea mist scent) and Evening Chill (evergreen).

In-cabin tech plays an important role, of course. A giant, panoramic front display provides both the essentials as well as a canvas for those moods, with a much smaller control screen sitting underneath. Rear passengers have their own displays, and an "Attaché" briefcase concept hiding in the rear coach door can wirelessly charge and store devices. The Star connects to other vehicles and city grids, and promises driving assistants that help with parking, vision and other common problems.

Lincoln is shy on specs, although that's not surprising when the company doesn't intend to sell the Star. We'd also expect any shipping vehicles to scale back the displays, seating and other flashier elements. This is more about advertising Lincoln's EV ambitions and design language than previewing a real product.

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