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Keoni CBD Launches Crypto-Based Incentive Program in Partnership With PackagePortal

Leading CBD brand Keoni CBD and PackagePortal announced today that they have entered into a partnership that allows the former to reward customers with cryptocurrency for confirming their deliveries and rating their experiences.

“The partnership marks a pivotal point in the evolution of e-commerce, whereby technology can enable merchants to receive immediate and direct feedback from consumers on the conditions that the package arrives in. We are proud to be able to work with the innovative team at PackagePortal to pilot this new technology that not only rewards our customers but allows us to better serve them and hold our packaging and logistics vendors accountable,” said Brent Garr, CEO of Keoni CBD.

The PackagePortal app allows customers to earn PackagePortal ($PORT) tokens-a type of cryptocurrency-by simply scanning shipping labels using their smartphones. In addition to the incentive, this system allows for real-time delivery information and a direct feedback loop between Keoni CBD and its consumer.

“Data empowers decision-making, and PackagePortal was created to empower merchants with the information needed to make key decisions related to customer experience,” explains JG Whitley, CEO and Founder of Package Portal and a seasoned logistics entrepreneur.

Keoni CBD is an American, Mid-Western company that’s composed of a team of highly qualified and experienced farmers, field workers, administrators, scientists who all work in synergy to provide everyone with easier access to high-quality CBD products that enhance their lifestyle. Guided by the principle of ensuring efficacy, simplicity, sustainability, and balance of Mother Nature’s goodness, Keoni continues to be one of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the country focused on providing affordable quality CBD infused oils, edibles, and topicals to address customer’s challenges with sleep, anxiety, and pain relief. In October, Keoni debuted their premium sports line, aimed at pain relief for the everyday athlete.


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