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Kanjivaram Silk Sarees- Woven artwork of Southern India

Sarees are the basic cultural wear pick in our country. A Kanjivaram silk saree is a traditional South Indian silk saree characterized by its intricate zari (gold or silver thread) work. The name “Kanjivaram” comes from the city of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, where the finest collections of these sarees are produced.


Pure Kanjivaram sarees are the woven artwork of Southern India. The origin of this saree is related to saint Markanda, who is known to be the master weaver of the Gods. The weavers of pure kanjivaram sarees are called Kanchis. They are the descendants of Saint Markanda. They are famous due to their deep rich colors, silver, and golden zari work, and attractive motifs that make them a perfect choice for any special occasion. Kanjivaram Silk Saree is also known as the Queen of all sarees. The material that is required for its production is Kanjivaram Silk which is popular because of its finesse and weight. In these sarees the color and the pattern of the body and the pallu are different. Weavers weave them both separately and then join them. The border of Kanjivaram Saree collection comprises Motifs from the temples, palaces, or general paintings. The body design includes the check design, floral buttas, and pyramidal temple designs. These sarees depict mythological stories and temple figurines. The traditional stripes or golden dot design have provided a more symbolic way to create more symbolic motifs. This may include fruits, animals. Sun, moon, mythological stories, and the birds.


Pure Kanjivaram Sarees- The 9-yard Beauty


Today it is the leading South Indian Saree which is followed by Opara and others. Kanjivaram saree is a 9-yard-long saree with the design of temples on it. Over a time, phase, these sarees transform into a 6-yard saree with golden zari work. Artisans use artificial zari also to make these sarees cost-effective. It gives a woman an alluring and elegant look. The silk which craftsmen utilize for the Kanjivaram preparation is obtained from mulberry worms. The method that they utilize for the procedure is called Sericulture. While preparing it 250-300 threads are woven for the preparation of this beautiful piece. The work which is done is of gold and silver that is later coated with gold. The beauty of these saree lies in texture, glimmer, permanence, and refinement. There is a Tamil film titled Kanchivaram that was released in 2008 on the Kanjivaram saree collection. The major storyline of the film revolves around the problem faced by weavers. These sarees are also used for the Geographical indication by the Tamil Nadu Government.


For maintaining Kanjivaram silk sarees dry-cleaning is the most preferred method. The sole parameter of determining the quality of Kanjivaram saree collection is their weight. These sarees are among the favourite saree list of women. Women wear Kanjivaram silk sarees as a pride possession in any expansive occasion, party, or event.


Why go for pure kanjivaram sarees?


Kanjivaram silk sarees are known to be some of the most expensive sarees in the world and are highly sought-after by women and brides for special occasions. They are hand-woven with pure mulberry silk and are known for their luxurious feel and beautiful drape. 

For starters, the thread count is much higher than other silk sarees, resulting in a much softer and smoother fabric. The dyeing process is also unique to Kanjivaram silk sarees, and the end result is a beautiful, deep colour that doesn’t fade over time. Finally, the weaving process is intricate and complex, resulting in a saree that’s both beautiful and durable.


If you’d like to upgrade your wardrobe with a luxurious and timeless piece, a Kanjivaram silk saree is the way to go!




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