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Jobs for 13 year olds that Pay in 2022

13 year olds can earn a few dollars working part time either online or offline.

Maybe you want to save for something special or have a little extra pocket money on the weekends. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of jobs for 13 year olds to legally make money.

In this post we are going to take a look at some of the best jobs for 13-year-olds that pay well.

While this post includes a list of well paying jobs for 13 year olds. I thought its worth mentioning Boostapal.

Boostapal is not a job, but is a fun way to make money when adults shop.

Students aged 13 – 25 can open a free Boostapal account and invite parents, relatives and older siblings to join for free. Each time a “booster” shops through one of the 1,500 stores in the Boostapal mall, the student gets a dollar value.

The amount of money you make depends on the purchase amount of the booster.

While this is not a job for 13 year olds, it certainly adds a few extra dollars to your pocket.

Boostapal is only available for students between 13 and 25 years of age.

Let us take a look at some of the best ways to make money for 13 year olds.

Age requirement: 13 years and over

This is one of the most popular reward sites that pay you for completing short tasks online.

All you have to do is install the Swagbucks search engine in your browser and you can get paid for every Swagbucks-approved website you visit.

The best thing about Swagbucks is that it is completely free to join, and the minimum age for membership is 13.

This is a multiplayer trivia games show where you answer multiple choice questions to win rewards.

Other ways to earn with Swagbucks Live is by referring friends and family to join. This allows you to earn 10% of their winnings for life, if they sign up with your referral link. 

Survey Junkie is a reputed market research company that pays you to complete surveys in your spare time. 

Points earned as rewarded to you in the form of gift cards or PayPal cash.

While you can expect to earn up to $5 for most surveys, you can make more money completing their higher paying surveys or participating in their focus groups (up to $150).

Branded surveys is an online platform that helps with market research.

Once you sign up for free with Branded surveys, you can complete online surveys in your spare time and earn a virtual gift card or PayPal cash.

Age requirement for Branded Surveys is 18, but if you are between 13-17 you can still join with parental consent. 

MyPoints is owned by the same company that runs Swagbucks. Their age requirement to join is 13 years with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Fiverr is an online-gig platform where freelancers from all over the world gather to offer their services for cash.

Maybe you are a talented writer, logo designer, or illustrator – you can sell your services for profit, and don’t worry, you can charge more than $5.

Worried that you do not have a special talent?

People flock to Fiverr for all sorts of different reasons – maybe you know a second language and can translate, or you’re good at video editing?

Fiverr accepts all kinds of talent, providing they are over the age of 13.

Are you a bookworm?

If you love books and it’s time for a clear-out of your home library, you can put your books up for sale at Bookscouter.

They will buy any book from you, even if it is in a used condition – so long as it is still readable.

It is a great resource for old school textbooks and other books you no longer need.

Bookscouter sells your used books to companies rather than individuals, so payment is guaranteed.

Did you know that your favorite Youtubers make money every time you watch their videos?

YouTube is a great resource for people of all ages to make a few dollars or even a few thousand dollars! 

Depending on how many people are watching, you get paid by YouTube for creating awesome content that brings people back to the site time and time again.

If you love to write and have something you are passionate about, then start a blog.

Anyone can start a blog about anything, and sites like WordPress allow you to sign up from the age of 13.

You may be wondering how a blog can make you money.

Well if you have a large enough audience then you can begin advertising and endorsing products straight from your blog.

These are known as ‘affiliate programs’ that will pay you a sum for every person who visits their website directly from a link to your blog.

Companies need kids for all sorts of voice-over work for toys, games, kids’ restaurants, TV shows, and more!

Content creators are continuously reaching out to young talent to feature their voices in their upcoming content and advertising campaigns.


If you love animals then dog walking is a great first-time job for any 13-year-old.

Dog walking is quite simple, you pick up the dog from your customers’ house and walk them, being mindful to let their dog run and play and exercise, then return them after the walk.

Lots of dog owners work late and do not get home in time to give their dogs a good walk.

There are also many senior citizens that do not have the stamina for the long dog walks their pet needs.

You can charge per pet and per hour, and it is a great way to get some extra cash before the weekend.

Are you great with younger kids?

If so you can advertise yourself as a babysitter.

Some people may need you to watch their kids after school, or during the evenings while they do some overtime.

Babysitting can be really fun, and you can end up building lasting friendships with the kids that you babysit.

Do you excel in a particular school subject?

Your classmates or kids from other schools may need a little help catching up in class, or may have a big exam to study for. 

If you know your stuff and are great at getting good results, you could offer tuition to other kids for cash during lunch break, after school, or over summer break

There are plenty of people in the local community who need a little assistance and you can make a few extra bucks running errands for local people in need.

Grocery shopping, yard work, delivering leaflets, taking young children to school, and picking them up.

These are just a few examples of small jobs that some people need help with, and they will be willing to compensate you with cash!


If you are great with animals and love spending your free time and weekends looking after furry ones, pet sitting may be an ideal part-time job that you can fit around school.

Pet sitters look after people’s pets while they are away. is a safe and secure way to advertise your pet sitting skills to the wider community.

If you like to be out and about then maybe golf caddying is for you!

Golf Clubs always need Golf Caddies to help their members carry their bags, clean the balls, and help keep the club clean.

It is a great first job for any young person, with opportunities to move up the ladder after a few years of experience.

A lot of clubs only accept applications from 14-year-olds but some do accept 13-year-olds too! So it is worth asking your local Golf Club if they have any opportunities.

Painting is a fun and relaxing job, but it is time-consuming! That’s why many people are on the lookout for help painting their fences, and that’s where you come in!

Fence paint must be refreshed every once and a while, so it’s worth letting your local community know that you are open to work.

You can set your own hourly rate and work around schoolwork.

Shoveling snow is hard work but very rewarding. Not only are you making someone’s life easier, but you are also making the streets safer, preventing any trips and falls that could otherwise cause injury.

People are willing to pay for someone to shovel snow from their front yards, especially elderly or disabled citizens who are unable to do it themselves and the snowfall is difficult for them to cross.

You can make a few cards with your contact details and post them to community boards to let your neighbors know to give you a call for their snow shovelling needs!


Users under 16 need parental consent to join, but they accept sign-ups from those aged 13 and up.


Many people do not have time to take their cars to the local carwash, so you can bring the carwash to them!

Carwashing is an easy, low-cost way to make a bit of extra money on weekends or after school.

All you need is a bucket, a sponge, and a cloth for drying, and you are ready to go!

You can charge per car, and there are no age restrictions to getting started.

You can advertise your mobile car wash on local bulletin boards or by leaving leaflets with your neighbors.

Yard work is a very physical job, and many people cannot do as good a job as they would like, or have the time to devote to their yards.

Let your neighbors know you can help them with their yard work for cash.

Yardwork ranges from sweeping leaves to planting new flowers each season.  It’s a great first-time job for kids that you can do in your spare time!

Taking care of nature is very fulling work that helps our planet stay greener.

Across the US there is an increase in community gardens and all are looking for assistants to help their professional gardeners maintain the landscape.

Gardening assistants are paid hourly.

They help to load and unload heavy materials, plant bulbs, water plants, weed the gardens and keep them clean, and much more.

Gardening assistants are needed all year round and young people with an interest in nature are preferred.

Reach out to your local community garden and let them know you are keen to work and learn with them!

A tried a tested classic. Kids have been selling lemonade outside their houses for decades. Set up for stand on a hot day and see the bucks come rolling in! 

Make your lemonade fresh and maybe even set up a few deck chairs so your customers can sit to enjoy their drinks.

Selling lemonade is a great way to earn a little extra spending money, and your thirsty neighbours will appreciate the chance to take a break and cool off.

There you have it.

Over 20 fun and easy jobs for 13 year olds that pay well.

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