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Jira Integration App Developed by 4me Partner Expertize Published in the 4me® App Store

A brand-new app has just been added to the 4me App Store: Atlassian Jira, a 4me Jira integration made easy by 4me partner Expertize.

A brand-new app has just been added to the 4me App Store: Atlassian Jira, a 4me Jira integration made easy by 4me partner Expertize. It is the first app in the 4me App Store provided by one of the partners, to be made available to all 4me customers. It is free to use and can be installed in a matter of minutes.


The Atlassian Jira app is a basic integration by design. It was created to enable organizations working with 4me and Atlassian Jira to work on the same issues in both applications without fully synchronizing all relevant data. This ensures that the integration is easily configured and maintained. 


Service management platform 4me works with partners from all over the world to best support its customers. All 4me partners can request to make integrations available to their customers by publishing an app in the 4me App Store. Expertize is one of the 4me partners serving the German market and the first one to publish such an app.


Daniel von Geisau, CEO at Expertize, explains: “With our Jira Software App for 4me, organizations can be sure that their application developers and support specialists are in sync when it comes to delivering customer requests and ensuring issues are resolved. The bi-directional 4me App ensures that information automatically flows back and forth. The value in integrating both tools is that your teams can work much more collaboratively and effectively, without having to leave their tool of choice. This level of synchronization reduces the overhead otherwise used in manual data entry, redundant emails, and status meetings.” 


Dominik Kenk, Senior Integration Expert at Expertize, adds: In the past, we have developed custom integrations for our customers. Thanks to the 4me App Framework, it was easy for my team to develop this generic Jira software integration for all 4me customers worldwide. The framework includes examples and predefined libraries, which makes development a breeze. I am looking forward to developing more generic integration apps.”


More 4me partner apps to follow


Cor Winkler Prins, CEO at 4me: “We are really pleased with this Jira integration app that was developed by Expertize. There are more integration apps by partners to follow soon. Publishing an app in the 4me App Store is a good way for our partners to expose themselves to all our customers. And in turn, all 4me customers will benefit from these published apps, as they will be able to choose from a variety of out-of-the-box, well-supported and, in many cases, completely free integrations.

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