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Isometric Technologies Announces 2021 Excellence in Service Awards

As the first agnostic arbiter of supply chain performance data, Isometric Technologies is proud to announce its inaugural Excellence in Service

Isometric Technologies (ISO), a supply chain performance management analytics platform, today announced its first-ever Excellence in Service Awards recognizing transportation providers that display exceptional performance levels in full truckload transportation. With over half a million trucking companies in the United States, the 45 winners of Isometric Technologies’ 2021 Excellence in Service Awards stand out as top performers in their class.


“The stress of the pandemic exposed the fragility of many global supply chains. With rising demands of service-level requirements and billions of dollars in service-related penalties at stake each year, carrier performance is more important now than it has ever been,” said Brian Cristol, co-founder and CEO of ISO. “Our 2021 Excellence in Service Award winners play a critical role in keeping our nation running, and we are honored to celebrate their accomplishments.”


Isometric Technologies empowers shippers and their transportation providers to identify and correct network inefficiencies by acting as a single source of truth to aggregate performance data. By associating service level failures and costs from chargebacks, accessorial fees, or deductions to the responsible parties, ISO identifies the hidden costs of transportation performance and surfaces actionable insights to help optimize complex business relationships. 


2021 ISO Excellence in Service Award winners were selected by analyzing a combination of data sets: aggregated and anonymized core key performance indicators for shipments run through ISO, as well as engagement rates with the company’s platform. Award winners have differentiated themselves through exceptional service levels in full truckload transportation.


“ISO’s innovative platform and technology is what enabled my team, through relentless hard work, to improve what was already one of the fastest-growing accounts at MoLo,” said Nicole Beer, Customer Operations Manager at MoLo Solutions, one of Isometric Technologies 2021 Excellence in Service Award winners. “It is truly an honor to receive ISO’s first-ever Excellence in Service Award—and we look forward to continuing this level of exceptional service for our customers.”


Isometric Technologies strives to be the industry’s trusted source of actionable supply chain performance data, driving performance measurement standardization across the industry to make smarter procurement decisions and optimize supply chain networks. Recognizing excellence in logistics providers is a critical part of this vision and ISO looks forward to celebrating the best in supply chain performance for years to come.


About Isometric Technologies

Isometric Technologies streamlines the data reconciliation process between large manufacturers, transportation providers, and other 3rd party stakeholders, acting as a single source of truth to measure how service affects the true landed cost of doing business. By associating costs from chargebacks and service level failures to the responsible parties, ISO surfaces actionable insights that help optimize complex business relationships.

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