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Introducing Whoosh: Fatigue-Free Video Call App for Engaging Meetings

Whoosh, one of the leading development teams working with AI, ML, and AR technologies, unveils its new AI-powered video conferencing app

Whoosh ( is the newest video conferencing platform that is specializing in improving video communications using AI features. The app is aimed at solving today’s most pressing issues – video call fatigue, the inconvenience of digital learning, remote work growth, and social isolation.


According to Statista, in the near future modern technologies, such as VR and AR, are expected to fully integrate into the everyday processes and deliver enormous revenues to various spheres of the world economy. Remote working and collaboration need high-tech and user-friendly video conferencing software. 


This all made the Whoosh team work hard on the creation of a revolutionary platform for AI-powered remote communication and collaboration.


What it offers:


EdTech solutions. Whoosh has many features to keep teachers and students engaged in the learning process: 3D weatherman-style backgrounds for an engaging presentation of material; AR masks, and filters to improve the learning process and enable the camera more often; separate audio streams to let students communicate in groups while the main speaker is talking; and mementos based on AI analysis and a text transcript will provide users with a short video mashup of the lesson that will save time for note-taking.

Solutions to increase sales. AI-driven video conferencing technology that includes comprehensive AI-powered video analytics to capture every data point important to the customer’s business; full-HD video to ensure that meetings will not be disrupted by a frozen video screen; interactive weatherman-style layouts to keep clients interested all the time; and high-end touch-up tools to look professional even at home.

Solutions for HR. Whoosh helps HR with virtual hiring. HR managers will have the possibility to use separate user audio streams to enable users to communicate with each other while the speaker is talking in group HR events; use beautification features to chat with candidates with the camera on; try 3D backgrounds to create full immersion and use it as a great ice-breaking tool during interviews; use short video mashups to make it easier to recall information about the candidate and make the right decision faster.

Event management solutions. Whoosh allows event organizers to keep attendees engaged with interactive AI-based tools such as gesture recognition, 3D backgrounds, and interactive weatherman-style layouts to create an awe-striking atmosphere and the improve presenting experience. Control the audio streams and use its touch-up tools to look presentable. Take advantage of short video mashups to let absentees get up to speed. And use their call scheduling feature to find a free slot for a memorable live event recorded in everyone’s calendars.

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