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Introducing Revela Hair Revival Serum, A Breakthrough Formula for Hair Thinning and Hair Loss From a Maverick Beauty and Wellness Brand

Most beauty products use formulas that consist of different combinations of the same, pre-existing ingredients – just formulated in different ways and without any improvements in performance. There are still less than 33,000 naturally-occurring ingredients available for use in OTC beauty products, many with limited efficacy and/or side effects, while there are over three billion safe and synthesizable chemical molecules available for discovery and application. Revela was founded on the belief that new, more effective ingredients have yet to be discovered and that the next generation of beauty and wellness products are just waiting to be developed.

Revela’s foundational ingredient discovery process is an elegant, innovative and evolved approach that is set to disrupt the traditional model of beauty and wellness product development:

1. Using proprietary biosensors and assays to probe biological models.
2. This data is then used to train AI models to predict new, safe synthetic compounds that enhance
human health.
3. These compounds are then validated in sophisticated biological models (e.g., organoids, ex-vivo) to
ensure that they are safe and efficacious. This research method does not use any fetal or human
embryonic stem cells, is cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

Founded by an impressive, young entrepreneurial team, the “brain trust” behind Revela notably
includes Evan Zhao, a synthetic biologist and chemical engineer with a BS from Caltech and an MA/PhD from Princeton, David Zhang, an immunologist and bioengineer with a Harvard PhD, Avinash Boppana, with a BS from Princeton in Statistics and Machine Learning and pursuing a PhD at MIT in computer science and Evelyn Chen, with an MS is Biomedical Engineering from Columbia and a beauty industry pedigree as the founder of the breakthrough acne brand NERD skincare.

“At Revela, we begin our process by challenging the status quo to see where you can improve. Using
AI, we lead the discovery of completely new ingredients to offer products with real, targeted results.
Our technology allows us to scan the library of 3 billion molecules and create a shortlist of ingredients
with the highest potential of being the perfect solution with no trial and error involved,” says Evan.

“The reason we can provide products with this level of efficacy is because this technology didn’t exist
before. We work and re-work until our ingredients provide an answer to the issue at hand. No compromising,” says David.

Revela’s Hair Revival Serum: Hair loss and hair thinning is a universal issue, and an especially
challenging one for women with no consistent or effective solutions available. There are currently only
two main ingredients to treat hair loss with well-studied results, both of which have significant downsides: Minoxidil is inconsistent and takes months to see mediocre results and Finasteride is a steroid-like medication, which while effective for male pattern baldness, has major side effects, including impotence issues in men due to its manipulation of testosterone. More importantly, it does not work for women.

The breakthrough ingredient in Revela’s Hair Revival Serum is ProCelinyl™, a molecule composed of components from natural ingredients commonly found in mushrooms and mustard plants, but is a completely new chemical entity, boosting daily hair follicle growth by 50%and supporting hair and
follicle health more consistently than any other ingredient on the market today. In a six-week clinical
trial 97% of women saw improvements in their hair. In addition to ProCelinyl ™, Revela’s Hair Revival
Serum includes Aloe Vera, Caffeine, and Vitamin E to support overall hair and scalp with zero toxins,
hormones or harmful chemicals in the formulation and is suitable for color-treated, keratin-treated,
chemically-treated or relaxed hair.

Revela’s Safety Protocol: Revela was founded on the belief that better results should not compromise
on heath or safety. Once validated, each potential ingredient is then vigorously tested to guarantee
both efficacy and safety. Unlike other cosmetic brands that spend millions of dollars to merely monitor
changes in regulations of existing raw or manufactured ingredients, Revela set out to raise the bar for
cosmetic safety and testing with a pipeline modeled after advanced therapeutics development:

All active ingredients are tested to ensure they are safe to use, with no side effects.
Revela performs a series of tests of increasing complexity to make sure that each ingredient only
targets the area of focus; such as hair follicles, in the case of the Hair Revival Serum.
The best ingredients are tested for molecular and cellular toxicity and any potential skin irritation.
Any ingredients that show any form of toxicity or irritation, even in the smallest amounts, are
immediately eliminated.
Revela uses advanced computational tools to benchmark their ingredients against current standards,
taking advantage of years previous scientific research.
The patent-pending, active ingredient in Revela’s new Hair Revival Serum has passed every test
performed, confirming its absolute safety.
Everything is tested in extensive clinical safety tests.
Revela Hair Revival Serum: US retail, $98 30ml (or $78 monthly subscription)

Revela Eyebrow Serum: US retail. $88 5ml (4-6 month supply).

A thicker serum that stays on the skin underneath your eyebrow, promoting overall follicle health using our patent-pending ingredient, ProCelinyl™. See results in as little as 2-3 weeks of daily use. Each tube comes with enough serum for 4 months of daily use.

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