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Introducing Numberle, the Wordle for Math Fans

Numberle is a math-tastic version of Wordle for people who delight in digits.

People craving a numerical version of the runaway hit game Wordle are delighting in the latest brainteaser: Numberle. 


“It’s surprising how well the same design still works when the letters are replaced by numbers, and you’re instead relying on your ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. That’s what you’re doing in Numberle, which is Wordle for maths fans,” said Numberle creator Sarah Simson, a New York-based math nerd who loves numbers and was inspired by Wordle’s simplicity.


What is Numberle?


The same genre principles remain: players have six guesses to solve the math puzzle. The numbers and symbols that don’t feature in this solution are marked gray, those that are in the wrong place are marked brown, and those in the correct place are green.


Rather than being a word present in the game’s dictionary, each guess a player makes in Numberle must be a valid equation, for example, 3+5+7=15.


What are the rules of Numberle?


The guess is accepted only with the correct equation.

Each guess must contain one “=”.

Players can only use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 numbers and + – * / = symbols.

The equation must have an integer to the right of the “=”.

Order matters. If the answer is 10+20=30, then 20+10=30 isn’t close enough.

How to play it?


The official website of the Numberle game is here.


There, players can play unlimited, as well as choose the difficulty of the equation and create their own math puzzles to challenge friends.

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