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Introducing Dangerous Chemicals 360 – a One-Stop VR (Virtual Reality) 360 Video Experience to Relieve Quarantine Stress

How a Purpose-Driven Vision by a California Web Designer Bloomed Into a Successful Video Blog Platform

For the last two years, society has had to adjust to a new normal, which included masks, social distancing, quarantines, lockdowns, and everything in between.  Although the transition was inevitable, many people found themselves alone in trying to adjust to a new way of life. Ty Armstrong Sr., a California web designer, set out to create an “All in One VR 360 Video Experience” he calls Dangerous Chemicals 360 in order to lend a helping hand and provide a safe source of video entertainment.


Ty Armstrong Sr realized he needed to use his web design skills to spread happiness and positivity to mitigate the negativity and stress from the media after being heavily impacted by the State of California’s “Shelter in Place” order.  Dangerous Chemicals 360 is a VR 360 video blog that takes a deeper look into the prominent topics of interest and debate.


This one-stop-shop for entertainment is open to the public and contains thousands of interactive video content such as:


VR 360 videos

Radio stations

Music videos

Relationship advice

Vegas-style games

Breaking sports news

Classic television shows

Food recipe videos

Local events

National events

Non-profit causes

Mental health resources

Dangerous Chemicals 360 has quickly grown into a widely known online community based on optimism, support, and making life a little easier in these unparalleled times. Dangerous Chemicals 360, which has expanded to +70,000 visitors in a seven-day time span and 200,000+ monthly visitors since its launch in January 2022. Dangerous Chemicals 360, which is expanding at an exponential rate, is constantly looking for new and creative content to cater to all interests and genres.


We Are a Unique VR 360 Video Blog Community With the Goal of Making Your Life Easier During Quarantine.


Ty Armstrong Sr.’s purpose-driven vision has come true with Dangerous Chemicals 360 thanks to proof of concept, determination to the craft, and an absolute dedication to assisting people worldwide in navigating lockdown with comfort.

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