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Instawork Launches Economic Research Division Led By Dr. Daniel Altman

Instawork, the leading flexible work app for skilled hourly professionals across the U.S., announced today the addition of Daniel Altman, PhD as Chief Economist to lead its new economic research division. Prior to joining Instawork, Dan wrote economics commentary for The Economist and The New York Times and later served as an economic advisor for the British government and on the faculty at New York University. Dan is an expert at analyzing and discussing labor trends, particularly within the hourly workforce.

Instawork matches thousands of employers to more than 1.5 million hourly workers who want flexible work and higher wages, solving the barriers to staffing that face businesses today. The new research division will leverage Instawork’s unique position in the labor market, as well as the company’s proprietary real time data, to share insights on this critical component of the economy.
“Hourly workers make up more than half of the American workforce, yet they have often been overlooked in analyses of the macroeconomy and the future of work,” said Daniel Altman. “Instawork has a tremendous amount of up-to-the-minute data on the hourly labor market, and we can use these data to deepen our understanding of short-term fluctuations and long-term trends in wages, working conditions, sentiment, and more.”

The new economic research division will take on topics such as:

Trends in local economic activity
Career trajectories for hourly workers
Wage pressure from changes in labor supply and demand
Transitions to flexible work arrangements across major industries
Bottlenecks in labor supply related to transport, health, and other factors
This announcement comes less than six months after Instawork raised $60 million in Series C financing and exceeded its goal of adding 100,000 new app users (Pros) to its platform this fall.

Previously, Dan was the Global Economics Columnist for the International New York Times, the Senior Editor for Economics at Foreign Policy, and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he taught global macroeconomic forecasting. He was the first Director of Thought Leadership at Dalberg, a global consulting firm focused on international development. Dan also spent several years pioneering tools for analyzing the labor market and career trajectories of professional athletes. Dan received his doctorate in economics from Harvard University.About Instawork
Founded in 2016, Instawork is the leading flexible work app for local, hourly professionals. Its digital marketplace connects thousands of businesses and more than one million workers in the U.S., filling a critical role in local economies. Instawork was recently named one of Built In’s 2022 Best Midsize Companies to work for in the Bay Area and was named one of the “Best Apps of the Summer” in 2021. Instawork helps businesses in food & beverage, hospitality, and warehouse/logistics industries fill temporary and permanent job opportunities in more than 25 U.S. markets.

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