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How to Market Your Startup on the Road

When entrepreneurs start a new business, they will typically focus much of their marketing efforts on digital marketing. Social media, PPC advertising, and content marketing strategies are just some examples of what any new startup would consider to boost brand awareness. There are also key ways to market your startup on the road.

The thing is, offline marketing is still crucial for most businesses – especially new ones that have recently launched. You’re likely reading this today because you want to look at offline marketing ideas that offer a high ROI and will help to increase your bottom line.

Ideas like personalized mailers and flyers, radio and TV advertising, and targeted publications are just some ways that work well to help achieve such a goal. However, there are some understated offline marketing methods that work well for mobile businesses, ways to market your startup on the road that should not be overlooked.

If you’ve launched a startup and your business effectively operates from anywhere, this is the page for you. Keep reading to learn more about how you can market your brand on the road and make each campaign a successful one:

Arguably one of the best ways to tell people about your brand on the road is by turning your personal or business vehicles into mobile advertising platforms. Whether you drive your vehicle all the time or park it in a prominent public place, it’s hard to avoid a vehicle ad.

You can get vinyl graphics designed and printed that fit on any size of car, van, or truck, for example, and they’re easy enough to remove if you decide to get a new design printed. What’s more, such advertising is easy to spot from a distance.

You could even convert your vehicle into something very eye-catching if you want to up your game on the vehicle advertising stakes. For instance, if you offer mobile dog-washing services, your car or van could look like a big fluffy dog.

The only thing that limits you is your creativity (and possibly your bank balance). Still, if your startup operates as a mobile concern, it makes sense to turn your vehicle into an advertising billboard on wheels.

If you think those are the only ways to turn your vehicle into a rolling advertisement for your startup, think again. You can complement your vinyl advertising (or any other option you choose) with cheap number plates.

It makes sense to choose memorable private license plates, ones that spell out your brand’s name or relate to it in some way. You can get private license plates in most countries, so you shouldn’t have an issue getting some for your ride.

Another idea you could consider is to have some “show plates” made up for your vehicle. If your car, van, or truck gets parked next to any pop-up stalls for your business, you can put show plates on it to further advertise your brand.

In case you wondered, show plates aren’t road-legal license plates and are simply for entertainment or promotional purposes on private land. Just remember to put your “proper” license plates back on before you drive your vehicle on the road again.

Will you be gaining most of your custom by setting up pop-up stalls at various locations? If so, don’t follow the same mistake that many other businesses make by investing in plain marquees for shelter.

Instead, it makes sense to use your marquee as a marketing tool and have your branding custom-printed on the sides. Firstly, such marquees will make your stall or plot easy to spot from afar and shows potential customers what you sell before they even go near it.

Secondly, it’ll make your pop-up stall or plot stand out from the crowd. If done right, the design of your marquee advertising alone will pique many people’s interest, giving you an excellent opportunity to promote and sell your products and services.

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