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Hotshot Truck Drivers Have a New Success Partner

Business is booming as more non-cdl hotshot drivers are making great money and becoming the millionaire next door.

Any person with a van, box truck, pickup truck, many with a trailer attached, can be their own boss within 28-30 days and start making great money and living a better life. Hotshot driving involves hauling smaller, more time-sensitive lite LTL loads within a key timeframe to a customer or business location. The same class C drivers license that Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Grub Hub drivers use to deliver food, hotshot drivers can make 10 to 15 times more per month for delivering goods from business to business.


Remarkably, during the COVID-19 more people who were in job transition found out that hotshot driving is very safe since 90% of the time they are not in small spaces with crowds but open spaces with 1 or 2 people loading their vehicle or trailer.


Before a person starts googling hotshot driving and reading or watching hours of endless videos that could lead anyone down a rabbit hole of confusion, they can start by getting their FREE DOT Authority and so much more, at which is becoming quickly known as the ground zero network for many present and future hotshot drivers.


Simply, is a great online resource that supports all levels of hotshot drivers with smart timely access to current information about how hotshot drivers can make great money while saving money on important business expenses. Plus it highlights many of the best hotshot videos into topics that can help most starters succeed faster.


After visiting most people interested in seeking advise to become a hotshot driver choose to invest, in the first of four levels of consultation, a quick 30-minute call for HotShot Consultation at They will be asked the 12 most important questions and then given customized advisement tailored to their unique personal life factors. This call could be the difference between days of constant frustration or months of growing success.


“It was the best first call I made to insure the success of my hotshot trucking business” – Bill Davison


There will be some small investments that will be made at some point to further tool and advance their business. But that all depends on what point each person is starting from. Enjoy big savings on key items by joining the HotShotVIP$ Millionaire’s Club

will give breaking news and critical updates to ensure profitability will continue at its highest possible level.


Individuals that want the freedom of being their own boss and making great money, now is the time to take the next steps. The trucking industry is short over a million drivers and the window to get your company started is now. Need more millionaire inspiration

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