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HitPredictor Review 2022: Review & Rate A Song and Earn Money

Making money from listing to music is not going to make you rich but it will let you earn some side money. Most of you love to listen to music then why can’t earn from it?

In this article on HitPredictor review, you will get to know what is Hitpredictor, how much you can earn, what users do says, it is legit or not, and much more.

HitPredictor is a platform where you earn money by rating new songs online. It was founded in 2009 in the USA. The platform asks its users to review the song if they liked it or not, and when users submit their review, they receive a reward in exchange for their review.

The review must be honest and accurate. They do also host contests and polls where you can participate. By participating in contests you can earn real money while polls are for just knowing general preferences.

To start making online on HitPredictor you have to sign up on their website first, which is very easy and takes around 1-2 minutes.

After registration, you have to submit some polls answers which will help them to understand your choice. Now on the dashboard, you will find the “Set your Listening Preferences” option click on that and choose your favorite category.

Now click on the button “Rate New Music Now!”, they usually have new music but in case they don’t have one then you have to wait for them.

After posting your review you will get rewarded.

You can also make money on HitPredictor by joining their weekly or monthly contests. You can easily earn around $25 per week or per contest.

Another method to make money is suggesting Polls, you suggest them polls and earn 25 points on each accepted poll.

As this is a reviewing platform, where you review music so you should not expect a high income. You can easily make $1 for every 3 songs you review.

It means you can earn $5 for every 15 songs that you review. Not bad when you are going to listen to new music that most people on this earth haven’t heard yet. To start using the platform you must be at least 13 years old.

As of now, they don’t have any app, not even apk is available if you found any HitPredictor APK then don’t download it unless it is shown on the official website.

Also, there is only one payment method available which makes it the last choice of using. It is better to choose other platforms. But new music lovers may like to use them.

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