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Harvard University and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web Plan to Preserve Digital Information

On July 27, the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW) announced it will be supporting an initiative with Harvard University’s Library Innovation Lab (LIL) called the “Democratizing Open Knowledge” program. With FFDW’s support, LIL plans to explore decentralized technologies that can preserve digital information.

“FFDW is on a mission to preserve humanity’s most important information,” FFDW’s president and chair Marta Belcher explained in a statement. “This collaboration will enable the Library Innovation Lab to explore how decentralized technologies can solve real-world challenges to preserve critical data, and we’re thrilled to support the Library’s Democratizing Open Knowledge program,” Belcher added.

What do you think about the initiative FFDW and LIL are working on to preserve digital information? Do you think technology can help decentralize access to today’s information and make it more reliable? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.


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