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GROMS, an NFT Collection Focused on Promoting Diversity

Buyers will be eligible to receive travel give-a-aways, access to a future network of beach houses.

 A member of the World Surf League’s world-class marketing team (Felipe Marcondes), two Block employees (Isaac Kironde, Ronny Shields) and an ex-professional athlete (Devin Del Do) are coming together to launch their first NFT collection: GROMS. 


The idea for GROMS came from the group’s mutual passions for surfing, promoting diversity and maintaining a growth-mindset. They believe, through the power of NFTs and blockchain technology, they can build a global community filled with people that have shared values and a desire for self-improvement. 


“I believe blockchain technology can level the playing field, erase previous barriers of entry and help make a more inclusive society. The more I researched the NFT space, the more I saw how powerful this technology was in building communities. With the current lack of representation in tech, I found it very important that I contributed to a project that focused on diversity,” said Isaac Kironde. 


The GROMs project will be releasing a set amount of NFTs early March 2022. Each holder will be entered in routine raffles that will provide airfare and lodging to amazing destinations across the world. The raffling of trips aligns with GROMS’ commitment towards diversity as it provides its community members opportunities to experience different cultures. The GROMs project will also purchase beach houses while providing exclusive access to its holders. GROM NFTs will serve like digital passes. Through its digital attributes (known as metadata), the team will have a way to identify holders through a secure non-duplicating method (blockchain) and deliver rewards to those who qualify. 


“The GROMS project will not just stop with NFTs. We will continue to put ourselves out there to be individuals regardless of how uncomfortable that might be to continue to drive change and learn every step of the way,” said Ronny Shields.


Aside from the travel perks, the GROMS project has the privilege of announcing the Black Girls Surf (BGS) organization as its non-profit partner. This partnership will help the team further its education on the specific issues of diversity plaguing the surfing community and provide it with opportunities to be of service. The GROMs project also plans to share its learnings from the NFT space with BGS and provide a financial donation to the organization as well.


To be a part of the GROMs community, everyone is invited to join GROMS’ Discord here:


About GROMS’ NPO Partner: 


Founded in 2014, Black Girls Surf (BGS) is the brainchild of USCG veteran Rhonda (Rho) Harper, who noticed the lack of visibility within professional surfing. Today, Black Girls Surf is an international non-profit organization that spans across countries and continents, providing valuable training experience, youth exchange opportunities, video production, educational development, casting opportunities, mentorship and coaching, surf therapy, and competition assistance.

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