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Gotham Government Relations is Changing the Game for Businesses

New York-based lobbying firm Gotham Government Relations & Communications is once again setting itself apart with another area of practice, and this time, they're focused on energy and infrastructure.

Whether you’re hoping to break ground on a new development project, expand your facilities in New York State, retrofit your fleet, or introduce a new energy platform, navigating the legal, legislative, and regulatory worlds of energy and infrastructure can be challenging,” began Brad Gerstman, Founding Partner at Gotham Government Relations.


The attorneys, government specialists, and regulatory experts at Gotham have begun to advise energy companies, technologists, and providers, as well as real estate developers, construction companies, and subcontractors on a wide variety of concerns as they pertain to economic development, green energy incentives, adaptive land use, manufacturing, and job creation. In addition, they will continue to represent major developers and construction companies in all areas of business including proposals, planning, government outreach, and private capital. 


Working in tandem with their legal firm, Gerstman Schwartz LLP (“GS”), Gotham brings together integrated, multidisciplinary teams to advise project developers, investors, and industry participants on the legal issues that surround renewable energy. 


With regard to bidding, Gotham is fluent in competitive bidding proposals. “Members of our team have a history of actively participating in the selection process, and therefore, we understand better than anyone the criteria that distinguishes a winning submission,” said co-founding partner David Schwartz.


“As we rapidly move away from fossil fuel in favor of green and renewable energy, we’re more eager than ever to continue guiding clients through the labyrinth of requirements, incentives, and regulations unfolding on both the State and federal level. Regardless of the project or plan, we are committed to providing businesses with the tools they need to secure every strategic advantage possible,” concluded Gerstman. 


About Gotham Government Relations


Gotham Government Relations and Communications is a nationally recognized firm known for its unique approach to solving problems. Through an integrated strategy that includes lobbying, law, communications, social media, grassroots efforts, and industry expertise, they masterfully craft solutions designed to achieve client goals. Most recently, Gotham was named one of “The Top 50 NYC Lobbyists 2021” by City & State. 

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