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Google Home (Mini), Chromecast not working? Here’s what to do

Several users around the world have experienced problems with the initial setup and use of Google Home (Mini) and Chromecast. Are you in the same situation? Don't worry, Google is aware of the problem, and the solution is coming!

Google Home and Chromecast have been misbehaving

Does your Google Home not work? Have you just purchased Google Home Mini but can’t configure it? Even Chromecast has decided to strike and on Netflix and YouTube might be missing the icon that allows you to broadcast content on your home TV. Don’t worry, you’re not the problem, nor are your devices.

This is a common problem that has affected several users around the world, including me. I tried to activate my Google Home Mini to be updated on the news of the day and answered me saying “there was a mistake”, the second time it decided that the problem was related to the Wi-Fi at home … in any case do not despair, Google is aware of the problem and has already prepared a fix!

Ok Google not working? Here’s how to fix it

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Problems with Google Home? / © Google

How to solve the problem

The complaints of several users have reached the ears of Google who immediately set to work to identify the cause of the problem:

A few hours after the first post on the official Twitter account, Google reassured users by informing them of the automatic rollout of the fix. The post does not specify the cause of the problem but at least we know it can be fixed.

As suggested in the post, if your Google Home doesn’t want to work, get ready to restart your device:

Disconnect the power cord from your Google Home device.

Leave it unplugged for about one minute.

Reconnect the power cord.

Alternatively, you can restart it using the Google Home app:

Open the app.

Click Devices to see which Google Home devices are available. 

Select the device you want to restart.

Access the settings menu at the top right.

Click Other>Restart.

If you still have problems, please contact support.


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