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GoCrypto Celebrates as Ljubljana Ranked Most Crypto-Friendly City in Europe

The adoption of crypto assets among individuals and businesses has been rapidly spreading over the last few years. It is no longer uncommon to treat yourself to a delicious meal or buy yourself a new pair of sneakers and pay for it in crypto. The blockchain-based payment technology has come incredibly far and its simplicity is amazing. This increasing real-life usage of crypto payments has brought the new-age payment option one step closer to the mainstream.

Surpassing other most crypto-savvy cities like Vienna, Rome, Madrid, and Prague, Ljubljana earned the number one place as the most crypto-friendly destination with more than 137 businesses and 584 different locations accepting payments with digital coins and tokens.

Indeed, Slovenia boasts an astounding number of 1333 crypto-friendly bars and restaurants, shops, and sports venues, where crypto payments are accepted. The backbone of this futuristic payment method is the GoCrypto network, developed in 2018 by the Slovenian company Eligma.

The GoCrypto network running the most crypto-friendly city in Europe is available in a diverse list of segments, from automotive, sports, and electronics to entertainment, retail, hospitality, and traveling.

Slovenia’s crypto payment story began in Ljubljana’s biggest shopping district, conveniently called the BTC City. BTC joined forces with the GoCrypto team and offered its merchants a comprehensive testing environment for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. The retailers showed great interest in an innovative payment approach, which is now available in more than 100 BTC locations. The first crypto payment was made in April 2018 in Atlantis Water City. The use of crypto-payments has grown by almost 900% to date. With the GoCrypto payment system, ATMs for exchanging fiat (eur) and cryptocurrencies, and its own Blockchain and Start-up community, BTC City is transforming its business into the first Bitcoin city of its kind in the world.

And the best part about it is that merchants can avoid all crypto volatility risks if they choose their settlements in their local currency. This means they can accept crypto and get settled in euros if they so prefer.

Crypto-friendly travel destinations have become a big hit among global travelers. While Ljubljana has been titled the European Best Destination in 2022 and has now been recognized as The Best Crypto-Friendly City in Europe as well, the Slovenian capital will surely be one of the most visited cities in the upcoming years.

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