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Giraffe Launches Site Search Powered by Regrid

Early Stage Planning Data Unlocked for US Real Estate Development

 Giraffe, a cloud-based early stage planning platform for real estate development and urban planning, announced Site Search, a new app powered by a new partnership with Regrid. Giraffe Site Search allows users to search for parcels, find essential information and ultimately reveal new opportunities. Enabling the first platform for any early stage development technology to move directly from evaluating parcels, to seamlessly designing site options, and creating a digital twin.


“Real estate development has used disconnected, archaic processes for far too long. With Site Search, Giraffe has created a seamless workflow spanning early stage planning, dramatically increasing speed and decreasing risk for all development and urban planning. Users are now positioned to own the capital deployment process and create cleaner, higher quality outcomes,” says Rob Asher, CEO at Giraffe. “Site Search is powered by Regrid, which is essential to the app’s success and functionality. With Regrid as the leading provider of land parcels and location context data, Giraffe Site Search receives recent, clean data our users can trust.”


“Accurate land parcel data is necessary for effective site planning. The Regrid team is proud to provide our comprehensive land parcel dataset within Giraffe’s site analysis and architectural design solution. We’re genuine fans of innovative approaches to modeling the world, and we love seeing our data made useful to people in new ways. Giraffe delivers on both fronts by blending accurate property boundaries and information with fantastic modeling tools that can help you realistically visualize the world you want to build,” says Jerry Paffendorf, CEO of Regrid.


Features and benefits of Giraffe Site Search include.


Multi-Criteria search functionality that allows users to find sites that meet their needs.

Access to rich up-to-date high quality parcel data from Regrid.

Visualization of parcel boundaries, land use & zoning.

An enterprise workspace for real estate development. Save sites, build a database, and share it with their organization or clients.

A seamless workflow allowing you to convert a parcel directly into a project and start designing. 

Giraffe Site Search powered by Regrid is available now. For more information visit


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About Giraffe:


Giraffe accelerates early stage planning for real estate development by connecting finding, assessing, and developing sites. Connecting real time data and detailed customization opportunities, Giraffe is a trusted resource for architects, developers and city planners. Giraffe is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with US offices in Orlando, Florida and Austin, Texas. 


About Regrid:


Regrid is an industry-leading property data and location intelligence company, serving an array of industries that require land parcels and spatial data at scale, including real estate, insurance, renewable energy, infrastructure, agriculture, logistics, and government.
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