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Get Huan Review: Why Users Are Complaining? Best Alternatives Of Huan

Planning to get pet tracker products? Want to Purchase a pet tracker from Get Huan? Then you should read this review first.

You should know if they are legit or not, selling quality products or not, and at the end what their users are saying and other things.

Huan is the platform for pet lovers most specifically for owners who has Dog and Cat if you are one of them then you might visit them.

Get Huan is an online marketplace for buying equipment or products related to pets like dog & cat trackers. One of their product helps you to track your dog or cat it doesn’t matter where it goes.

The website doesn’t give any information on where they are from or founder information, but you can find their location info from their website.

As per the website they are located at 60 Larrabee St Unit 220, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

Let’s check out what types of products do they sell. They are currently selling 6 different products.

One of their main product is Smart Tag is a set and forget device to track pets. Huan Tags uses Bluetooth to track pets, it consumes less energy in comparison to GPS devices.

It gives an alert to any nearby Huan App. Suppose you have installed their apps in your mobile then you get notification whenever any do with Huan Tags comes near your device.

This product includes Smart Tag and one Silicone Sleeve. It doesn’t include a collar. Smart Tag will cost you $35.

They have other products like Silicone Sleeve, AirTag Collar Sleeve, Smart Tag Battery set, Smart Tag Sleeve Kit, and Huan gift card.

Huan seems legit as no users reported that they didn’t receive their ordered product. We call any site a scam when they fail to deliver what they promised,  Get Huan promises of selling dog or pet protection products which seems their buyers are receiving.

But they have some negative feedback as well.

Now let’s check out users’ reviews.

The website shows that they have a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 226 reviews. From these reviews, it seems everything is ok but it is not that much easy.

39 people posted their reviews on a Facebook page, they have a rating of 3.9 out of 5.

Following are some negative reviews.

From users’ reviews, we can see that tag is not working properly and is not accurate. But from companies perspective, it seems Get Huan is a product that comes with limited functions and it is definitely not working for long-distance, if your pet goes far away from you then you will not able to track it.

It is a Bluetooth-based product hence this smart tag will not work once your pet goes a long distance.

Note: In my opinion, Smart Tag will not work if you lose your pets and it is not around you, suppose you went to park and your pet with smart tag lose, if your pet goes far away from you then you will not able to find your pet, it has a community-based app, if anyone from app user found your pet then he or she can help you to get your pet back.

They do offer 30 days refund policy but they have conditions on it, if you have opened and used purchased tags or sleeves then you can ask for a refund.

If you haven’t opened products then you can apply for a refund. If you have purchased custom engraved tags then it is not refundable but they can be exchangeable only.

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