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Genesis Digital Assets Selects MSCI to Support ESG Efforts

Genesis Digital Assets, one of the largest industrial-scale Bitcoin mining companies in the world, today announced that it has selected MSCI to help the company fine tune its ESG strategy.

“MSCI has demonstrated itself to being at the forefront of innovation with regards to ESG data and tools provided by MSCI ESG Research. We have selected MSCI because of the brand recognition, but also because they have developed an interactive platform which we believe will be instrumental in helping us execute on our ESG strategy,” said Joseph Di Virgilio Head of ESG at Genesis Digital Assets.

“Not going with a top tier name would be counterproductive. This shows how serious we are about ESG; it is a priority for us as the driver behind ESG investing and crypto mining intersect with the millennial generation, thus both are far from mature. ESG plays a very important role, because not only it educates investors about idiosyncratic risks, but it pressures companies at the management level to adopt changes if they want to attract ESG centric investment in their capital structures. Our goal is to become a core constituent of ESG focused ETFs, funds and benchmarks, which highlights how shareholder centric we are.”

About Genesis Digital Assets

Genesis Digital Assets is one of the world’s largest and most experienced Bitcoin mining companies. Since 2013, founders of the company have built over 20 industrial-scale mining farms, brought over 300,000 miners online, and mined over $1 billion in Bitcoin.

The company was founded by five founders, Marco Streng and Marco Krohn from Genesis Mining and three former mining industry executives, Abdumalik Mirakhmedov, Andrey Kim, and Rashit Makhat. For more information, visit


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