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Game Studio Blizzard Is Polling Players About Crypto and NFTs

Blizzard, a game studio and part of the Activision-Blizzard company, has started polling some gamers about the use of NFTs and cryptocurrency elements. The survey, which was only directed to some of its players, raised rumors about the possibility of the company introducing some of these elements into its games. However, Mike Ybarra, head of the studio, denied this possibility.

However, there was a section that asked directly about the opinion and the feelings of these users on the inclusion of NFTs and cryptocurrency elements in some of the gaming IPs (intellectual property) of the company. While the survey did not directly point to the implementation of these mechanics into any game, it did raise worries in some gamers about the possibility of this being in the works.

No one is doing NFTs.

The future owner of the company, if the purchase clears the legal hurdles it faces, might be interested in taking some of Blizzard’s IPs to experiment with them, which would explain the existence of the exploratory poll. However, there has been no clear news about the origin of the poll.

NFTs and the play-to-earn phenomena have been hotly debated topics amongst gamers of AAA franchises, who have shown resistance to the adoption of these elements in traditional games. However, some companies have already included them in part of their business plans, even investing in companies involved in the field.

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