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Future Link IT Expands Offerings on Website

The Greater Chicago Area's MSP Reveals New Services and Industries

Future Link IT — a managed services provider (MSP) serving businesses of all industries in the greater Chicago area — unveils new pages to its website.  


The new pages add a way for clients to easily discover more services and industries offered by the IT company. 


“We have so many solutions to meet the needs of every business,” said Sales Manager Chris Higgins. “We expanded our site to show website visitors everything that we have to offer, so they can see we are their one stop for all of their IT needs.”  


Future Link IT added security training, surveillance services, IT compliance, and more to their existing site, along with the addition of two industry specializations: legal and finance.   


“Future Link IT first and foremost is a service business, and the service we provide is about the people, not computers and servers,” Higgins said. “The additions to the site communicate to our clients our large catalog of solutions, which we view as tools to provide our sterling services.”  


The updated site, with added services and industries, mirrors the robust growth the company is experiencing in greater Chicago.   


“The momentum we’ve built has been amazing,” Higgins said. “Our clients have grown to depend on our services to gain an edge over their competitors and watch their business thrive.”  


About Future Link IT 

Future Link IT is an IT solutions company dedicated to delivering what professionals need to succeed. Our team proudly serves the greater Chicago area with the technology solutions and managed services necessary to keep everything optimized and secure. Discover how much you can achieve with us as your IT department.  

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