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From customer service to complex banking tasks” DeepBrain AI implements AI human technology into KB Kookmin Bank

DeepBrain AI, a company specializing in artificial intelligence(AI), announced on the 28th that it has signed a technology supply agreement with KB Kookmin Bank, a leading financial company, and implemented Korea’s first kiosk-type ‘AI banker’ and officially introduced it this month.
Since March of last year, DeepBrain AI has been working closely with AI bankers to improve functions and enhance performance by piloting AI bankers in the AI experience zone located at KB Kookmin Bank’s Yeouido headquarters. As a result, it succeeded in commercializing AI human-based kiosk products for the first time in Korea, drawing great attention from the IT industry as well as the financial sector.

DeepBrain AI’s AI human technology is a solution that creates a virtual human capable of real-time interactive communication. It implements AI that can communicate directly with users by fusion of speech synthesis, video synthesis, natural language processing, and speech recognition technologies. As a technology that can realize complete contactless service in various fields, banks have the effect of providing a secure counseling service to customers who prefer non-face-to-face in accordance with the COVID-19 situation, and shortening customer waiting time through faster response.

First, the AI banker greets customers when they arrive at the kiosk and provides answers to their questions. All answers go through the process of deriving optimal information based on KB-STA, a financial language model developed by KB Kookmin Bank, and delivered to customers through the AI banker’s video and voice implemented with DeepBrain AI’s AI human technology.

Specifically, it is possible to guide how to use peripheral devices such as STM (Smart Automated Machine), ATM (Automated Machine), and pre-writing service, introduce financial products, and guide the location of the kiosk installation point. In addition, it is loaded with information on convenience of living such as financial common sense, today’s weather, and surrounding facilities.

In addition, the AI banker, with idle-mode, can make natural gestures such as moving hands, nodding, and tidying up clothes during conversation maximizing user experience from the customer’s point of view. In addition, it is possible to recognize people through the front camera, so if a customer leaves their seat, the kiosk is automatically finished as a thank you.

This time, KB Kookmin Bank’s AI banker modeled and implemented two male and female employees working at the branch, and utilized their actual audio and video data. In the case of clothes, the main colors of KB Kookmin Bank are yellow and gray, so that the brand image can be recognized by customers while using the kiosk.

DeepBrain AI CEO Eric Jang said, “The AI banker has endless possibilities that can be used for customer service with a variety of devices such as mobile devices as well as kiosks in the future. Based on DeepBrain AI’s recognized AI human technology and business value, we will continue to explore business routes so that it can be applied to more diverse fields.”

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