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Fig Factor Media Captures Inspiration through New WordPOWER Book Series; 12 authors illustrate how specific words shape lives via anecdotes, sayings and stories

The Naperville, Illinois-based Fig Factor Media Publishing is proud to present a new and inspiring book series that captures the positive and emotional power of 12 significant words. The new series called WordPOWER brings together 12 authors and 12 powerful words that affect their lives.

Fig Factor Media CEO Jacqueline Ruiz explained that each of the series’ books compiles short anecdotes, personal messages, quotes and unique thoughts that represent each word.

“I know that every one of us has a story that is waiting to be shared and embraced by others,” Ruiz said. “This series is the vehicle to share these stories of accomplished people from all walks of life who have been touched by a single word that has added to their definition of who they are and what they do. Our goal at Fig Factor Media is to elevate people through their stories and WordPOWER does just that. I know that it will resonate with readers.”

The 12 participating authors are:

· Carolina M. Veira, author of “Shining”
· Erin Minckley, author of “Creativity”
· Gabriela Hernández Franch, author of “Smile”
· Kylie Knur, author of “Resilience”
· Lisa Yunker Welz, author of “Family”
· Maria Castro, author of “Kindness”
· Marie Lazzara, author of “Perseverance”
· Perla Tamez, author of “Fearless”
· Ricardo Trinidad, author of “Healing”
· Ron and Sue Rescigno, authors of “Change”
· Tamika Lecheé Morales, author of “Inclusion”
· Yaneth Medina, author of “Authenticity”

Several writers such as Knur, a JJR Marketing mission manager, are excited to be first-time authors.

“I’m so excited to share how I see the word ‘resilience’ in my life through my very first book,” she said. “I have always thought about writing a book but never thought it would be something that I accomplish so quickly. I thank Jackie Ruiz for inviting these 12 authors, which include some of our team members, to be part of this inspirational series. I can’t wait to see where this will take us.”

The Rescignos, owners of Rescigno’s Fundraising Professionals in Bridgeview, Illinois, share their personal thoughts about their word: change.

“We chose the word ‘change’ because we believe everyone experiences change in their lives and how we deal with this affects our future,” Sue Rescigno explained. “We wanted to open people’s hearts to change. For us, this special word has guided our lives, both personally and professionally, for many years. Because we were able to adapt to change, we have become more successful than we ever imagined!”

Castro, regional external affairs manager at Comcast in Chicago and an author with Fig Factor Media’s “Today’s Inspired Latina” book series chose the word “ kindness” because of its special meaning.

“I love the word and all it represents,” she said. “Kindness is free and if we all shared it daily the world would be a better place. The word resonates with me because I truly believe that acts of kindness can cure anything and everything that ails us—a broken heart, loneliness, illness, hatred, biases, and so much more. A dose of kindness a day costs us nothing but a few minutes of our time. And the return on that investment, priceless.”

Each book is priced at $16.97. Additionally, there is a limited edition collectors’ box—10 available— which contains all 12 books for $150. All can be purchased on the WordPOWER website.

About Fig Factor Media:
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