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Everscale Trail-Blazes Through H1 2022

TIP-4 NFT SDK on Everscale:

The SMFT protocol and security:

At this stage, the SMFT code is ready and just needs to be deployed along with the Reliable External Messaging Protocol (REMP), which will increase security and improve message processing in the network.

Everscale’s REMP – what is it?

Product releases were stepped up a gear in Q2, and on top of the TIP-4 NFT standard mentioned above, Everscale launched Evercraft, the first demo of its future GameFi SDK. The metaverse holds great prospects for the onward course of the crypto industry, and Everscale’s capability to handle thousands of players simultaneously ideally positions it to venture into such projects, as well as MMORPGs. As such, the team is looking to bring in more game developers in the foreseeable future and make some waves in this area.

A further product designed to make developers’ lives easier also came out in Q2: Ursus – a formal verifications framework that evolved out of the network’s industrial tools for smart contract verification. Ursus also includes a translator from the Ursus programming language to Solidity. Any developers dealing with smart contracts will be well aware of how expensive and time-consuming verification is, so they are certain to appreciate the hundreds of hours of project time that this one-of-a-kind product stands to save them by making the process so much more straightforward.




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