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EURST Creator Simone Mazzuca Explains What Differentiates It From Other Stablecoins and Why It Is Here to Stay

Simone Mazzuca is the creator of EURST – the first representative euro stablecoin, 100% asset backed with US Dollars and live audited. EURST is providing one of the most secure and reliable stablecoin structures on the euro market to serve as a bridge to the digital economy.

Wallex is a group of financial institutions founded in 2020 working on bridging the gap between traditional finance and the crypto spaces. Wallex is the full ecosystem of assets and digital assets, including AML, Compliance, neobanking, custody, trustee, payments, trading, alternative and decentralized investment, tokenization, wealth management, White label solutions and customer experience support services.

Simone Mazzuca possesses a number of years of expert level knowledge and experience in financial consulting, in the production of financial instruments and services (investment and credit and credit advice). He has been a direct manager of private and institutional clients, in Italy, the USA and the United Kingdom and has built a strong combination of traditional finance background, with a keen passion for upgrading the financial system with the tools and possibilities of the blockchain and new financial instruments.

Simone Mazzuca’s bridging to the new fintech era by building innovative projects with robust and compliant foundations, with focus on full AML compliance. He aims to enlighten the new fintech crypto space and works to give access to the institutions to enter this sector in a reliable and compliant way. His goal is to educate and give the tools to the public to bring the maximum benefits of the blockchain economy in a fully reliable and secure way.

Mr. Mazzuca has taken part in various public and private events where he has advised and participated in discussions on the regulation and institutional use of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, while promoting the innovative vision of Wallex.



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