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ERP Advisors Group Reviews ERP Solutions for Mergers & Acquisitions

On Thursday, March 3, ERP Advisors Group will host a webinar on "ERP Solutions for Mergers & Acquisitions"

 Shawn Windle, Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, will provide an in-depth look at ERP Solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions. Given the voluminous M&A activities occurring in the market, and the risks inherent in ERP with each deal, private equity owners and portfolio company Finance and IT leaders will find practical strategies from this webinar. 

ERP Advisors Group is one of the world’s most trusted enterprise software advisory firms, helping hundreds of organizations find the right solutions to meet their unique needs, ERP Advisors Group is technology independent, with a proven track record of successful software selections that lead to successful go-lives.

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