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Eco Earth Sciences Inc. Unveils Breakthrough Covid-19 Aerosol Mitigation Solution Paving the Way to a New Normal

ECO Earth Sciences Inc., alongside their production partners, Reversomatic Manufacturing Limited, are excited to unveil a new source mitigation and indoor air quality solution. The new Auroris™ and PlasmaSphere™ devices dramatically improve indoor air quality while significantly lowering the risk of COVID-19 spread.

Despite the many challenges that the global pandemic has created, it has also given rise to incredible innovation. This was also true a century ago during the Spanish Influenza pandemic when the invention of the steam radiator allowed windows to open regardless of the weather, increasing direct ventilation, improving indoor air quality, and contributing to the end of the pandemic. Today, ECO Earth Sciences Inc. is excited to announce a breakthrough development that will significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread indoors while also dramatically improving indoor air quality.

Air quality has never been more important. With 90% of our time spent indoors, research by the EPA has found that the air we breathe can be up to five times more contaminated compared to outside air. While there are many mitigation and purification measures available, most all are reactive, requiring the contaminant or pathogen to find a pathway to the device. Auroris™ and Plasmasphere™ target viruses and other airborne contaminants at their source.

Patrick Kehoe, CEO of ECO Earth Sciences Inc. reports, “We were guided by nature, and we essentially turned the inside out. While the preoccupation has been on attempting to purify or resuscitate stale, contaminated indoor air, we turned our attention to creating the best possible indoor air quality experience while continuously targeting and removing the threat.”

Auroris™ effectively acts as the room’s lungs, allowing indoor spaces to breathe; continuously delivering fresh air directly into a room while continuously removing stale, contaminated air. To further improve the quality of the air, advanced three-stage purification ensures the freshest indoor air experience possible.

In nature, the air has a natural disinfection mechanism that has existed since the beginning of time. Energy from the sun, the waves, and the wind extract electrons from water vapor in the air creating non-thermal plasma. PlasmaSphere™ by Auroris™ emulates this same natural process by first purifying the incoming air, then enriching the plasma energy levels of the fresh incoming air. This combination of purification and energy enrichment targets aerosol contaminants and boosts indoor air quality levels to match those found only in the most pristine natural environments.

This revolutionary new technology can be used across any interior, providing schools, businesses, and homeowners with the ability to dramatically improve indoor air quality and mitigate airborne pathogens. Auroris™ and PlasmaSphere™ also operate independently, complementing and enhancing the performance of ALL existing systems and can be used regardless of HVAC system type or age.

Speaking on the launch, Kehoe added, “We have made incredible progress in improving indoor air quality. Our new technology now offers customers the opportunity to enjoy the cleanest air possible and ensure that indoor spaces are made as safe as possible. This has a huge impact not only on the spread of viruses and other pathogens indoors but in reducing environmental sensitivities, absenteeism as well as a pronounced increase in alertness and productivity.”

The Safe Air Space Program, also by Auroris™, will identify businesses, schools, facilities, and workplaces that have implemented the necessary measures to Mitigate, Monitor, and Report the quality of their indoor air.

Auroris™, is the only commercially available air quality device that collects bioaerosol particulates such as viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, allergens, and molds down to 0.1 microns. Third Party testing and verification provide assurance that the space is safe.

Kehoe added, “I fully support the measures taken by all levels of government to date. Our healthcare resources are finite, and our healthcare workers have been pushed to the limit.

However, many in our business community have suffered immeasurably during this pandemic and they as well as the individuals and institutions who provide the necessary investment capital, need certainty moving forward. Our focus must now be on learning to live with the virus and on recovery.

In the coming weeks, we will be petitioning all levels of government to support solutions that address public safety and facilitate a return to a new normal.

If we are now able to mitigate viral contamination in our occupied spaces and provide irrefutable third-party evidence that our facilities are clear of the virus, then these businesses should be exempt from any future orders or interruptions.”

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