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Dolce Media Group is Proud to Announce the Publication of Their Newest Book, Nunzio Tumino, a Pocketful of Dreams: An Immigrant’s Journey, by Cece M. Scott.

Dolce Media Group is proud to announce the publication of their newest book, Nunzio Tumino, A Pocketful of Dreams: An Immigrant’s Journey, by Cece M. Scott.

From the late 1940s onward, Canada was gifted with the arrival of many immigrants, many of whom came from war-ravaged countries in Europe. Hard-working and determined, these men and women were proud and eager to contribute their talents and skills to enrich their new country’s economic and cultural wellbeing.

Out of the tens-of-thousands of people who came, there were some that stood out, that made their mark, helping not only their friends and familial units, but also the people in the many communities they touched.

One of these people is Nunzio Tumino, who, at 93 years old, is still a force to be reckoned with.

Small and compact like the tiny but mighty hummingbird, Tumino is a native Sicilian who, because of the limited economic opportunities in his hometown of Ragusa Ibla, left his city, his family, his home and everything he knew and cherished to emigrate to Canada in the early 1950s.

Initially, Tumino’s mastery of the English language was non-existent, but his entrepreneurial spirit was a master class of tactical innovations. At no point in his decades-long career (which is still on- going), did Tumino need to sign a contract.

His word was the contract.

After meeting and marrying his wife Maria, a fellow Italian from the region of Calabria, Tumino’s life exploded with self-directed opportunities. Together, the couple opened their first grocery store on Queensway Avenue in Etobicoke, Ontario, where customers from the ‘old country’ came to buy not only familiar products that Tumino had imported from their regions, but also to share fellowship and the challenges around settling into a new country.

Nunzio Tumino, A Pocketful of Dreams: An Immigrant’s Journey, by Cece M. Scott (Soft cover, $24.98)

Tumino’s dreams had no constraints. He built his businesses one at a time, and one on top of the other, until his biggest dream of all was realized: the founding of Aurora Importing.

Nunzio Tumino: A Pocketful of Dreams — An Immigrant’s Journey is the story of an entrepreneur extraordinaire who made all of those around him, including his adopted country of Canada, all the better for knowing him.

Order a copy of the book today at and savour both the rich experiences and entrepreneurial lessons that Tumino so aptly exemplifies.

All the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to The Angel Foundation for Learning.

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