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DialMyCalls Offers New Feature to Use Variables to Send Text Message Broadcasts

Customers of DialMyCalls can now send a text variable message that increases the amount of personalization in a mass text message sent through the platform. Choose from five default variables (First Name, Last Name, Phone, E-Mail, Miscellaneous) or create up to 15 custom variables in total to take mass texting to the next level.

Utilizing the variable messaging feature opens up the door for a wide variety of personalized text messages, which include but are not limited to the following:

Churches: Send out a personalized text message to the entire church congregation for an upcoming community fundraiser. Using the First Name and Last Name message variables will create a more personalized text message for every church member.
Property Management: Broadcast personalized text messages to every community resident as a reminder for upcoming HOA fees and meetings.
Staffing Agencies: Send out a text message with the First Name and Last Name message variables for applicants of certain jobs – DialMyCalls makes it easy to send one personalized text message out to every single person interested in a job.
Sports Leagues: Connect with the parents of players by sending updates via mass text message – notify parents of upcoming team photos, game cancellations, or league registration deadlines.
Small Businesses: Schedule appointment reminders in advance by using the First Name, Last Name and Miscellaneous variables to customize the mass text. (Adding the appointment date/time to the Miscellaneous field will ensure customers arrive on time.)
Schools: Teachers can create personal text message broadcasts with the names of students and which class the message is referencing by using custom message variables.
The possibilities of custom text messages are endless when using DialMyCalls’ mass notification platform and variable text messaging. Send all of your contacts a personalized text message instantly by trying out DialMyCalls’ brand-new variable messaging – sign up for a free account today!

About was founded in 2006 and offers an industry-leading mass texting SaaS. The brand-new text variable messaging service is one more way the company is simplifying mass texting for everyone.

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