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David Howell Releases ‘Breaking Into Prison’: How God Used a Womanizing Jailbird and Drunk to Get the Word Out

New Book Release From David Howell

David Howell’s new release, Breaking Into Prison, presents God’s unfathomable love, grace, and kindness through the showcasing of God’s glorious working through the transformation of an unredeemed life to be filled with zeal to spread the Gospel to prisons and detention centers across the United States and abroad. God in His kindness brought the author out of his old ways of being self-centered, a drug addict, an alcoholic and a womanizer to reveal an unending story of God’s abundant Grace.


Prison evangelist, multi-published Christian author and businessman, David Howell, has a call from God to “Reach millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Yet, this book is not a biography on David Howell. This book reveals how God wastes nothing, even past failures, and creates a new vessel of honor and glory to represent God and in such a way that is pleasing to God. Faith, hope and the new life in Christ are found. Freedom and peace can be one’s portion in life. 


Howell’s book sheds light on the importance of the atonement of Christ, God’s gracious gift of salvation, and is bringing freedom in Christ to millions of prisoners. His ministry and books offer an in-depth and an easy-to-understand format with Scripture and visual representation that helps prisoners grow spiritually. Foundational truths of coming to Jesus represents the importance of the regeneration of the spirit, the renewal of the mind in Christ Jesus and brings the truth of the Gospel in simple ways. David Howell also includes shocking statistics of prisons, jails, and detentions centers, that despite the common myth that Christian material is easy to come by in prison, the material is often missing and insufficient. 


David Howell’s nationwide prison ministry is serving the local prison, chaplains, and inmates with salvation and true discipleship. As founder of Prison Evangelism (, his books have reached over 5 million in prison. Lives and families are being transformed through such. David Howell’s Prison Evangelism’s mission and goal is to fully “reach the incarcerated for Christ in Federal, State, and local prisons, jails, and detention centers throughout the United-States and beyond.”


A hard copy of Breaking Into Prison will be mailed to media persons on request to:                            As a multi-published author, David Howell, has published next step books such as: How to be a Child of God (Witness Edition), Fully Alive and Finally Free / Knowing God as Father, and Seeking God Through Prayer and Meditation.

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