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Customers Reap Benefits of SmartSuite Work Management Platform

Collaborative All-In-One Work Management Platform Helps Businesses Improve Operations, Increase Productivity and Profitability

SmartSuite, an intuitive work management platform that enables teams to plan, track and manage projects, processes and everyday tasks has proven successful for customers across the nation including companies of varying sizes and in different industries.


Uros Mikic, CEO of software development agency Flow Ninja, added SmartSuite as his team’s work management tool to help streamline a variety of different workflows on multiple projects. The Flow Ninja team was using a variety of tools, and Mikic realized that relying on different software placed limits on how efficiently he could hire and onboard new members to his team.


“We’ve used the most popular project management tools, but with SmartSuite we’re getting a much more customized way to manage an agency of 15-plus people as well as creating solutions that allow us to easily manage our clients’ work and share our projects with them in a single place,” said Mikic.


Patrick Szydlik, CEO of media and marketing agency Real Estate Social Pros, added SmartSuite as his team’s work management tool to create and manage all aspects of his realtor clients’ marketing presence and campaigns, including multiple social media platforms and tailored messaging. Szydlik quickly surpassed the existing capabilities of the project management tools he was using. The team was working beyond the limits of what those tools had to offer.


“Once we understood what SmartSuite had to offer, it was an easy decision to make the switch. With SmartSuite we’re getting a more robust set of capabilities, in an easy-to-use, single platform,” said Szydlik.


Dean Morash, president of SoCal Classic Car Garage, started using SmartSuite to manage his growing inventory, as well as optimizing internal communications and daily task management for his team. Dean found that communication flows in his business become bottlenecked when they hit his desk, and by implementing SmartSuite, he saved an immense amount of time – allowing Dean to focus on higher-level business strategy to scale his business.


“We manage about 140 cars and 80 to 90 customers, so your overhead has to stay low to maintain profitability. We were spending so much time on communication because we were using different spreadsheets and communications channels, and it wasn’t efficient,” said Morash. “SmartSuite provides me with a comprehensive inventory of all the vehicles we manage, including photographs, descriptions and what services the customers need. We have a full grasp at a quick glance.”


SmartSuite founder and CEO Jon Darbyshire said the success stories from SmartSuite users continue to roll in. “We launched just over a month ago, and we’re thrilled with the amount of customers we have converted from other work management platforms,” said Darbyshire.


SmartSuite also offers an Affiliate Program that allows approved businesses and individuals to earn a 50% commission for referring leads to the website that convert into paying customers within 90 days. Commissions are paid for an entire year, including any plan upgrades or user additions.


To learn more about the SmartSuite Affiliate program and to complete an online application, please visit Applications are reviewed daily and approved partners can be actively promoting SmartSuite within 24 hours.


About SmartSuite

SmartSuite provides the power of a spreadsheet, the organization of a database, and the rich content of multimedia documents and collaboration tools – all in a single platform. The platform aims to provide an environment where people, processes and projects are connected and working together towards common organizational goals. Put your data to work with powerful reports, dashboards, charts and views that everyone can see for themselves with a 14-day free trial. To learn more, visit or watch our product overview video here.

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