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Colorcast Continues Push to Onboard Podcast Networks, Adding Sports Drink to Its Roster

Sport Drink, the 'digital watercooler' of sports podcasts, is bringing its perfect blend of sports and entertainment content creators to Colorcast,

Austin-based Colorcast and New Orleans-based Sports Drink have entered a partnership agreement to expand Colorcast’s premium-content offering to include live sports talk shows hosted by more than 20 of Sports Drink’s top-performing podcast personalities.


Colorcast is a Social Sports Talk App that allows anyone, anywhere, with no equipment, to commentate on live sports, before, during, and after the game. Beyond the option to “choose your own commentator,” Colorcast provides users with stats, scores, betting odds, and other real-time information about the game. Casters and listeners can interact via text chat or via the “Hot Seat,” where listeners are actually brought onto the microphone and given the chance to ask questions or share their own hot sports takes.


Sports Drink is a sports podcast network that produces its own unique blend of 50+ hyper-localized and nationally relevant sports talk shows, with the mission of “adding a little flavor” to its listeners’ audio consumption. Top-performing shows include “WNBA Weekly,” “TND Takeover,” “Banjo CFB,” and “Flagrant Mag Game Night.”


“We’re excited to be adding yet another podcast network to the mix,” stated Colorcast CEO Evan Kirkham. “This time, we’ve gone even bigger, adding more than 20 of Sports Drink’s personalities to our roster. One thing that I’m particularly amped about is the diversity of content Sports Drink produces. One show focuses on all things WNBA, another is strictly Chicago Bears-related, and a third is more of a quiz show where the hosts award listeners prizes for answering sports trivia questions correctly. The through-line between all of Sports Drink’s shows is that they’re all sports-related and all undeniably fun to listen to.”


Sports Drink founder and director Andrew Stephens added his thoughts. “Our network is pumped to create live audio content in addition to our regularly programmed podcast content. Our hosts have incredibly supportive and engaged audiences that will translate perfectly to live audio. This opportunity with Colorcast is that it allows our audience the chance to hop on the microphone with their favorite host and deepen their creator-listener relationship.”


As part of the partnership, Sports Drink will also be creating short-form audio content (“Hot Takes”) on topics ranging from “What are the odds the Lakers make the playoffs?” to “Which NFL team will Aaron Rodgers play for in 2022?”

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