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Claim Your First NFT Top-Level Domain for Web3 on Quik․com

The metaverse ideology and the emerging concept of brands establishing themselves in the decentralized web-based virtual universe have created a race for top-tier domains for businesses, individuals, and many developers to acquire the best at the early stages of this virtual universe.

While traditional domains optimize a centralized dispute resolution process and are managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), decentralized domains give rightful owners control over their websites and prevent third-party interference, reducing reliance on ICANN.

The growing popularity of NFTs and decentralized technology giving sole autonomy to the owner have raised the bar to eliminate the high barriers controlling the web. These domains are verified on blockchain technology and can also be stored as digital assets in a digital wallet.

However, mining your domain requires research and analysis. Minting your business and entity domains is one thing, but minting a domain to keep as an asset is quite another. If you want to connect with these top-level domains, your domain ends with .metaverse, .web3, or .vr, giving you an advantage over others.

If you want to mint a domain to acquire as an asset, make sure you get a domain that will be in demand in the future. Although any domain you acquire will be a hit because it ends with trading top-level domains, acquiring a unique and in-demand domain will increase your chances of earning a lot of money in the future. has acquired the leading blockchain NFT domain marketplace, which also has a registry where customers may explore name listings and mint creative NFT domains for the decentralized web.

Users of the website are no longer held accountable by the controlling authority for the content they upload and the data they contain. Instead of renting a name on a monthly or yearly basis, once you purchase it, you become the only owner of the newly created domains. Minting has a one-time registration cost that entitles customers to lifetime ownership without having to pay renewal fees. The user additionally receives a 5% to 10% royalty on each subsequent sale.

These domains are created using blockchain technology, which confirms their uniqueness and establishes an immutable digital entity. These domains can host a website and provide existence in the metaverse by completely utilizing the web3 and the virtual universe correlation.

These domains stand-in for the metaverse, virtual reality, and web3, all of which have the potential for future growth and demand. Developers have a greater opportunity to explore and maximize the potential of the web by setting themselves outside of traditional domains and rejecting intervention.

Minting Perks

As you move forward to secure your domain, be careful to link your digital wallet to the Quik ecosystem, which will allow you to profit from further exchanges. Before choosing a name, make sure your research is accurate and check to see if the domain name you want to buy is still available.

When everything is ready, choose the extension you want to buy and work with others to create your own NFT domain. You can also create and purchase domains, which you can then keep as a digital asset in your wallet.

You may examine a registry of domain names in the Quick P2P market ecosystem, and you can connect to the person who is acquiring the domain you want for your website or decentralized service.

A short reminder for Quik users, as many organizations and businesses will soon want to create larger networks on the metaverse and web3, having an advantage with well-known names like The metaverse puts you on the radar of numerous entities interested in buying your domains.

This will generate interest in the domain that you acquire on marketplaces, giving consumers a boost on the decentralized web. You will have a better chance of competing for rankings if you build a decentralized website employing these domains to publish your work or internet-related business. This will let you have many options to generate content without worrying, and users will be given sole control of the data that centralized authorities have collected on the modern internet.

NFT domains impacting metaverse gaming

The quickest and simplest approach to transforming lengthy, difficult-to-remember wallet addresses into human-readable wallet addresses is to use one of these domains. Hard-earned in-game items that players own can be quickly added to marketplaces once they are connected to NFTs.

The play-to-earn metaverse gaming model has fueled the growth of the gaming industry with several debuts of the card, adventure, action, and other genres. Gamers have the chance to sell, trade, or purchase collectibles throughout the globe by connecting their wallets with NFT domains; all they need to do is share their domain, which can be easily accessed because it is not just another domain. will soon launch its metaverse, called the Goodplace, which will connect the physical world and the virtual universe with several features where users can purchase land, own buildings, and curate impractical projects enabling users to escape reality and explore the unexpected.

Be aware that these domains are based on the blockchain and that no one can simply breach the protection they provide or attempt to access any user data.

Additionally, you can buy a billboard in the metaverse and link it to billboard .metaverse to give it credibility and a recognizable name that will help you sell your billboard. Similar to how these domains offer numerous benefits to users they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Storing as an asset is itself a perk.



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