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Cellular Concrete Technologies Achieves Road Base Milestone

The first mile of the main road into a new Bangladesh city using CCT's Stable Air technology is officially complete with future plans to continue

Cellular Concrete Technologies LLC (CCT), the makers of award-winning Stable Air cellular concrete equipment and foaming agent, completed the first mile of a 30-mile section of a main road into a new city being built in Bangladesh. The road base utilized CCT’s CCM 1000 mobile batch plant, Stable Air foaming agent and aerator equipment.


After taking delivery of two CCM 1000 mobile batch plants, the plants were modified to produce up to 150 cubic meters of cellular concrete road base per hour of production. Utilizing the company’s wealth of design data from their testing lab, CCT successfully provided the builder with a design for the city’s perimeter walls using Stable Air cellular concrete. After witnessing the ease of production, cost efficiency, and quality of material being produced, the builder decided to also utilize the CCT design for the city’s perimeter walls.


Cellular Concrete road base is a proven technology. In addition to the Bangladesh road base project, CCT’s Stable Air cellular concrete is being used in many other countries for many diverse construction projects including homebuilding. The goal of CCT is to bring the Stable Air technology into the mainstream for both road building and home building in the United States. This new method and technology will save millions of dollars in cost and thousands of labor hours, as well as reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses for years to come around the world.




Owner Paul Falco has 40 years of experience with a decade in cellular concrete design. He is the co-founder and co-inventor of the Stable Air system, machinery and foaming agent that brings precision and predictability to the process of creating lightweight concrete. In 2012, the Stable Air system debuted at World of Concrete, “the commercial construction industry’s largest and most important annual international event for concrete and masonry professionals across the globe” and received the Most Innovative Product Industry Choice Award – Concrete Construction Materials for Stable Flow Non-Collapsing Flowable Fill and Most Innovative Product Industry Choice Award – Concrete Production Equipment for Model 300 Air-Entrainment Machine. 

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