Spiciest restaurant brand of KOREA known for our large portion very spicy rice cakes and chicken feet dishes.

Established in 2015.

Yup Dduk LA – west coast head branch original store on 6th St. & Normandie Ave, home of viral Korean street food experience culture: the #ktownspicychallenge 1st Yup Dduk Store opened up in 2003 at a central fashion district in Seoul, Korea: ‘Dong-Dae-Mun’. Since then, over 500 Yup Dduk stores has been opened up all over Korea and overseas to serve its fans. Known for its very spicy rice cakes and chicken feet dishes, food is so addicting people just keep craving for more. Experience what spicy loving Koreans call it ‘Really Spicy’ by trying the spiciest restaurant brand recognized by people of Korea – Yup dduk.


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