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Bitcoin Block Data Shows Top 5 Pools Retained Over 71% of the Global Hashrate Last Month

During the last 30 days, the price of bitcoin has lost more than 22% against the U.S. dollar but during that time, Bitcoin’s hashrate has remained above 200 exahash per second (EH/s). While 16 known mining pools mined the leading crypto asset during the last month, the top five mining pools retained 71.4% of the global hashrate.

Statistics show that 16 known bitcoin mining pools mined BTC during the past 30 days and stealth miners, otherwise known as “unknown,” captured roughly 1.03% of the hashrate during the last month. Unknown miners mined approximately 44 block rewards out of the 4,276 found, scoring 275 freshly minted bitcoin. Data further shows that the top five bitcoin (BTC) mining pools captured 71.4% of the global hashrate last month.

Foundry USA scored the most block rewards last month, as the pool represented 21.02% of the global hashrate. Foundry obtained 899 BTC block rewards out of the 4,276 rewards and was able to acquire 5,618.75 newly minted bitcoins. Foundry is followed by Antpool (14.27%), F2pool (14.27%), Binance Pool (10.87%), and Poolin (10.85%) in terms of the top five bitcoin mining pools by hashrate size. All five of the aforementioned mining pools make up close to three-quarters of the global hashrate recorded last month.

A few factors are approaching that could change the hashrate distribution and one of them is BTC’s price. The market cycle seems to be in a bear mode and the value of BTC dropping lower could shake out smaller mining pools. In 700 days the halving is taking place as well, and that means mined blocks will pay out 3.125 coins per block instead of today’s 6.25 BTC per block rate.

Lastly, during the month of July, the bitcoin mining rig manufacturers Bitmain and Microbt will release two new models producing between 126 terahash per second (TH/s) and 140 TH/s. The two new models produce a higher hashrate per second than most of today’s machines, and pools with access to them will benefit.

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