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Companies announce their events and details of their upcoming events to let media gain press coverage and amplify the event attendance. An effective event press release should have a proper headline, relevant content that matches the event intensity, and adding a call to action at the end. Writing a press release can be complicated if you don’t know the fundamentals and style of writing.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event ?

In this article, we will discuss more press release submissions and points to keep in mind while designing an event press release.

Free Event Press Release Template

There should be a proper format of writing an event press release and professionalism should be maintained throughout. It should stand out so that gets picked up by journalists and influencers.

Who is your Event Audience?

The target audience should be determined to write an effective press release. The writer should exactly know which type of people to target and accordingly create an appealing press release. This also plays a huge role in event attendance and journalists coverage and is important for any business. Different demographics include age, gender, locations, etc. The writer should also keep in mind the interests of the target audience and what motivates them to attend the event.

The header is equally important.

The formatting should match the industry standards and suits the layout. There should be a business logo placed at the top ( which is visible) and a release date beneath it. There should be contact information mentioned on the writeup including name, phone, email, and website link.

Top it up with a Catchy headline

The headline is a decider for journalists whether to consider the press release or not. It should always be catchy and appealing and have around 70 characters. The headline should grab the attention of the viewer and make them more motivated to attend the event. Using phrases like must attend, calling all can create a difference in your writeups and positively impact the event attendance.

Importance of First Paragraph

The first paragraph of the press release should contain the most relevant information about the event. This includes ticket center, RSVP, sale on ticket, age restrictions, and other crucial information that drive more attendance. The first paragraph should be around 25 words and must create buzz about the event.

Boilerplate about Business

It should be no more than 100 words and include a short description of your event. The purpose of writing a boilerplate is to tell the audience reason for the event that would interest them.
Here are a few things you can include in the boilerplate. Why are you hosting it? Any high-profile influencers attending the event? or a link to your website will also suffice.

The marketing strategies of the Event Press Release Distribution make it more viral and successful. Be sure to add relevant information in the press release and target the right audience for more reach!

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