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Badalon Media Corp Announces the Book Release of ‘The Digits of Pi, Volume 1: Digits 1 Through 100 Million’

Badalon Media Corp, doing business as, is pleased to announce its new book “The Digits of Pi, Volume 1: Digits 1 Through 100 Million,” which is a single book containing the first 100 million digits of the famous circle constant Pi. This new collection of Pi digits makes the perfect gift this Pi day for math/science enthusiasts and those who are simply fascinated by Pi. “The Digits of Pi, Volume 1: Digits 1 Through 100 Million” is a unique conversation piece, coffee table book or treasured addition to your bookshelf.

The book – only 500 pages in length due to the small font size used – comes with a convenient magnifier which makes reading the tiny Pi digits easy. A hardcover edition is also available.

“This is the most extensive printed collection of Pi digits we are aware of. Period. At least until we fit more in a single book,” says Clifford Spielman, CEO of Badalon Media Corp. “The book is quite the conversation starter. At first, it’s hard to believe that 100 million Pi digits can be printed in one volume.”

In addition to “The Digits of Pi, Volume 1: Digits 1 Through 100 Million,” has recently launched other unique Digits of Pi products. Featured offerings include The First 10 Million Digits of Pi, which is a smaller Pi digit anthology containing the first 10 million Pi digits, and The 1 Million Digits of Pi Poster that has 1 million awesome Pi digits and is laminated using a soft touch film to give it extra richness and durability.

A new twist on paper notepads, the company also offers the new and unique Pi Notes product line which is a fun combination of 1 million digits of Pi and a standard notepad for To-Do lists, notes, etc.

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Badalon Media Corp specializes in unique print products featuring vast amounts of content printed at very small font sizes. The company’s print product focus is primarily Digits of Pi.

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