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Avoid boring, repetitive work by getting your computer to do it instead

These actions are typically called macros, though they go by various other names as well, depending on the software you’re using. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to set them up, and they can save you a huge amount of time at your keyboard.

If you’re using a software application that doesn’t support the use of macros, there are third-party tools to fall back on that can automate processes across any program in Windows or macOS.

Photoshop gives you a few Actions to get started with, and you can run any one of them by selecting it and clicking the play button at the bottom of the pane. To the right of the play button is a folder icon, which you can use to create a new set of Actions—this lets you group actions together to keep them more organized.

To make your own Action, click the create new action button (a plus symbol inside a box), which is just to the right of the new set button. You can then give it a name and put it into a set (or folder). Recording starts immediately, so do whatever you need to do inside Photoshop and then click the stop button (to the left of record). Your Action will be added to the list and can be launched directly from there whenever you need it.

With a spreadsheet open, click Extensions, Macros, and then Record macro. A new panel will pop up at the bottom of the screen showing that you’re in recording mode, so carry out the actions you want to save and then click Save. On the same panel, you can choose between Use absolute references (the macro will record precise locations like A1 or B2 in the spreadsheet) or Use relative references (the macro will record locations relative to where it started, like three cells to the right).

To use your macros, click Extensions, then Macros to select something you’ve recorded (or Manage macros to edit or delete them). You can actually get more advanced with macros in Google Sheets by writing your own scripts, though you’ll need a little bit of coding knowledge for this. If that intrigues you, we’ve previously written about the process in more detail.

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