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Author’s New Book Shares Her Life’s Challenges and How God Helped Her Overcome Them

Lucy Dickens’ book ‘Through the Fire’ encourages readers to seek a stronger relationship with God

Life throws trials and obstacles at everyone and author Lucy Dickens is no different. In her new book, “Through the Fire: Traveling the Broken Road to Hope and Healing,” Dickens shares her journey, traveling through the pain and trauma of some of life’s most difficult trials: persevering through sexual and verbal abuse, bullying, chronic illness and pain, a marriage torn apart, a terminal diagnosis, and natural disasters.


As Dickens began drafting her book, isolated in her cabin in the Arizona Forest, a forest fire broke out and began ravaging the area surrounding her. She alternated between writing and reading fire updates. After a terrifying night with the wind howling and shaking the windows and the smell of smoke filling the house, she was evacuated with the fire just a half-mile away. She knew then the title of her book: “Through the Fire: Traveling the Broken Road to Hope and Healing.”


Dickens wrote this book for those seeking to become whole again, longing for restoration and clarity, ready to break free and find healing. She hopes, by sharing her story, that readers will take comfort in knowing they are not alone in their struggles, that they can overcome them and that God is always by their side.


“My goal for this book is to reach as many people as possible, bringing hope and healing to the broken, and restoration in marriage,” Dickens said. “My prayer is that they see Jesus’ story, interwoven through my own. In addition, late in the book is a chapter my husband has written. I believe this will be powerful for men and women alike.”


Through Dickens’ book, readers will find a variety of life experiences and trials, each that taught the author something new about the heart and character of God. She hopes that her book will help lead others to the Lord and show them how great God’s love truly is.


“Through the Fire: Traveling the Broken Road to Hope and Healing”

By Lucy Dickens

ISBN: ISBN (softcover); ISBN (hardcover); ISBN (electronic)

Available at WestBow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Lucy Dickens is an active, award-winning oil painter, a “storyteller of fine art”. Her critically-acclaimed work is collected throughout the United States and abroad, appealing to a wide audience. Lucy has a heart and passion for those who carry the burden and trauma of abuse or endure broken marriages. Her prayer is to bring hope and healing through her transparent approach, as she shares her own personal journey. She and her husband are involved in restorative marriage ministry, private mentoring, and they have led and hosted Bible Study groups in their home for many years. She creates her art and writings in Arizona with her husband, Richard. She is the mother of two wonderful daughters.

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